2020 Toyota Tacoma Limited Double Cab Super White 1999 Toyota Tacoma white
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Trading a 1999 Tacoma with 500k Miles for a 2020 Tacoma Limited

Half a million miles. Learn about the trade-up of a 1999 Tacoma with half a million miles for a brand new 2020 Tacoma Limited.

People trade their current vehicles for new ones all the time. This is not an uncommon occurrence at all. What IS remarkable, though, is the transaction that took place a few weeks ago in North Carolina.

Everyone meet Monte Uzzell.

Monte has quite the story to tell about Toyota Tacoma. He recently bought a shiny new 2020 Tacoma Limited in Super White (with valuable accessories such as hard shell bed cover) and is very happy with his purchase. But that is not the whole picture, however. The most incredible piece of this puzzle is the 1999 Tacoma Access Cab, also in white, he traded in.

1999 Toyota Tacoma with 500,000 miles

Twenty years and going strong - Toyota Tacoma

This 1999 is cleaner and in better shape than many 5 and 10-year-old cars, trucks and SUVs on the road today. It still runs and drives smoothly.

1999 Toyota Tacoma interior

Oh, and did I mention it has 500,000 miles on it.

“This truck has meant the world to me. I’ve had 20 to 21 years’ worth of basically problem-free vehicle. And it’s been maintained very well.” said a proud Monte.

Actually the correct mileage is 510,876 miles on Monte’s odometer. Sorry for not being exact earlier. I just wanted to let that soak in a little.

1999 Toyota Tacoma odometer Toyota Tacoma with 500,000 miles

“The engine has held up. Original transmission. Original differentials in there. It functions beautifully well. Going into four-wheel drive it goes in smoothly. There’s no grinding, no nothing, it’s just perfect. Everything that came with the truck is still functional on the truck.”

VIDEO: Hear from Monte himself about trading 20 years up in vehicle.

Now consider for a moment the newest addition to his family. A 2020 Tacoma Limited. This is, of course, the highest level as far as luxury features and comfort in the Toyota Tacoma lineup. But did Monte have any thoughts about considering any other manufacturers or models, other than 2020 Tacoma, when looking for a replacement?

“Well, after the luck I’ve had with this one it didn’t make sense to go anywhere else.”

Makes sense, considering Toyota tops other brands in quality, reliability and in retained value over time.

2020 Toyota Tacoma Limited Double Cab Super White 1999 Toyota Tacoma Access Cab White

I wonder if he thought about keeping his 1999 Tacoma. I mean, with a trusted four-wheeled member of the family still running so well, I just had to find out, why trade it at all?

Monte took his time to answer, and with a weighted sigh responded, “No, it’s time for another one…five hundred thousand miles is five hundred thousand miles.”

“And again, when you consider the length of time that I’ve had it, I just really did not have to put a lot of money into repairs. You know, most of it was just maintenance. I hope this new one, I have no reason to believe it won’t be every bit as good.”

Save travels and smooth driving for you Monte. You have more than earned it.

Time for your thoughts on Toyota Tacoma

What do you think about this 1999 Tacoma? How about the 2020 Toyota Tacoma? Do you own a high-mileage Toyota, and if so, what is it and how many miles?

Feel free to email me at [email protected] to share pictures or video of your vehicle and I may feature it on my social media platforms. Let me know your name and where your pics/video clips were taken and how many miles on your vehicle, along with any interesting stories you think other people would want to hear about.

Thanks for reading everyone.

See you next story when we talk about potential powertrain options for the all-new 2021 Toyota Venza.

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