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A Toyota Stoplight! Could We See a Green Tacoma, Yellow 4Runner and Red Tundra for 2022?

We look at the potential for Toyota to use three new exclusive TRD Pro colors for Tundra, Tacoma and 4Runner.


The latest speculation traveling Toyota circles may just blow some minds.

Nothing is confirmed, but there is a good possibility we will see multiple exclusive colors for 2022 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro, Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro and Toyota Tundra TRD Pro.

Mind blown.

Green 2022 Toyota Tacoma

2022 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro Electric Lime Metallic front end profile

We recently learned that 2022 Tacoma TRD Pro will offer Electric Lime Metallic as a choice for truck buyers. Toyota made the big announcement at its new vehicle reveal press conference (yes, we will also see a cool Tacoma Trail Edition as well).

Electric Lime is bold and true to its electrifying name. It will turn heads. Even more in person versus the press photos Toyota released on its official site.

This naturally means 2022 Tundra and 2022 4Runner will both carry Electric Lime too. Correct?

Yellow 2022 Toyota 4Runner

2022 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro yellow profile front end

This is where things become mysterious and confusing.

Since Toyota Tacoma will have Electric Lime, we can safely assume Toyota 4Runner will follow suit with Lime, too. Right?

Not so fast.

A Canadian 4Runner build site page was leaked showing 2022 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro color as “Yellow.” Wait a minute. That is not Electric Lime.

It is entirely possible that “Yellow” was just a holding name for what will soon be officially announced as 4Runner Electric Lime Metallic.

Or maybe we will indeed be driving around in our Yellow 2022 4Runner TRD Pro by the end of this year. See how this gets confusing.

Red 2022 Toyota Tundra

2022 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro red orange profile front end

I am pretty sure most of us have seen this picture by now. The reddish-orange 2022 Tundra TRD Pro picture that has been circulating like wildfire all over social media these last couple days.

The same next-gen Toyota Tundra reveal photo that was not meant for the public just yet. Well, it seems someone took screenshot pictures of this incredible red-orange Tundra at an online dealer reveal meeting and posted it. You can guess from there what was going to happen next. #viral.

2022 Toyota Tundra white profile front end

This is what prompted Toyota to officially show off 2022 Tundra to the world yesterday on its Twitter feed. With the caption “Some people don’t know how to keep a secret.”

I am not sure whether to call this Toyota Tundra a red one or an orange one. Maybe we can go with the running name “Magma” or “Lava Flow” or something like that for now.

Either way, this bold looking Tundra is a 2022 Tundra TRD Pro.

In reddish-orange color. Interesting.

Time for your Toyota TRD Pro comments

The potential exists for a red 2022 Toyota Tundra, a yellow 2022 Toyota 4Runner and a green (lime) 2022 Toyota Tacoma.

So many scenarios here to play with. Toyota may have decided to manufacture Electric Lime Metallic for all three models – Tacoma, 4Runner and Tundra.

Or, and this one is remote, but what if Toyota makes all three of these vibrant shades available simultaneously for Tundra, Tacoma and 4Runner – all for 2022 model year?

So many possibilities.

The hard part is waiting for more announcements. By the way, 2022 Tundra looks tough and bold, does it not?

Poll question: what colors would you like to see for each one of these 2022 TRD Pro vehicles? What if you want a reddish-orange 4Runner, but it is only offered in Tundra? Maybe you were already reserving your Electric Lime Tundra, but it is only on Tacoma.

I cannot wait to read your comments here.

Thanks for reading everyone. See you next story.

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Robert (not verified)    June 23, 2021 - 12:31AM

Deposit in for the special color TRD pro 4Runner. Getting the 1st one and already ordered the ARB bumper, rear tire carrier.