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RAV4 Hybrid was Toyota’s Best Seller Year-to-Date, but 2nd Place was the Surprise

What Toyota hybrids sold the most for the first three quarters of 2023? It might surprise you.

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Toyota released its sales results for both the month of September and the first three quarters of 2023. I found the numbers full of promise and optimism – and surprise.

First off, Toyota Motor North America saw a 27.9% jump in electrified sales versus last year to date. A total of 455,142 vehicles found new driveways, including hybrid, plug-in hybrid electric, battery electric, and hydrogen fuel-cell.

2024 Toyota Grand Highlander

I think the chief reason might be that Toyota is now able to produce and deliver more vehicles than they have in the last three years or so.

Hopefully the worldwide vehicle shortage is starting to really loosen up. This will help everyone involved with purchasing cars. Especially customers.

2023 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

2023 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Lunar Rock

The clear sales winner was RAV4 Hybrid. This one is so far ahead of all the other Toyota hybrid vehicles that it will be nearly impossible to catch by the end of this year.

And again, when you are as reliable as Toyota RAV4 Hybrid and can offer owners 40 miles per gallon and 219 horsepower, you become a very attractive commodity.

Plus, I have seen signs that more 2023 RAV4 Hybrid vehicles are on the ground at dealerships. I truly believe Toyota could sell as many of these as they make.

So please keep making more Toyota. You have plenty of buyers anxiously waiting.

Top Toyota Hybrid Sales

2023 Toyota Sienna XSE Cement color

Behind the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid is 2023 Sienna, followed closely by 2023 Highlander Hybrid.

I am just so surprised that Toyota Sienna is in second place, but mostly because potential buyers are having such a challenging time finding them. I have heard from many people who have been waiting months on dealer wait lists.

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To me, a 2023 Toyota Sienna is the optimal family minivan. I especially like that you can only get them in hybrid form – and I am really liking that 36 mpg. Also, Sienna is the only minivan that is offered in all-wheel drive as well.

Double bonus.

2023 Toyota Hybrid Sales

Top 6 Toyota Hybrid sales for the first three quarters.

  1. RAV4 Hybrid:         103,329
  2. Sienna Hybrid:         47,745
  3. Highlander Hybrid:   41,417
  4. Corolla Hybrid:         36,739
  5. Venza Hybrid:           22,087
  6. Camry Hybrid:          22,078

Time for Your Toyota RAV4 Comments

2023 Toyota Camry Hybrid SE Supersonic Red

Which of these Toyota and Lexus hybrid vehicles are your favorites?

Is it the RAV4?

Thanks for reading everyone. See you next story.

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Robert Parker (not verified)    October 15, 2023 - 12:19AM

In reply to by Patrick Farney (not verified)

Why can't you make more keys. We have had our Rav4 hybrid for 6months now and still don't have our second key. We are currently not going on any driving holidays as we are too scared to go too far from home with only one key fob. Other then that we love our Rav4 prime.