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Next-Gen Toyota Camry Teaser Photo Has Fans Excited – and Confused

Toyota Camry fans are in a frenzy over what is, or what is not, new for 2022. Next-gen time?

Toyota certainly knows how to get fans fired up. Especially with this just-released teaser photo.

A just-released photo on Toyota social media of a Camry. But not just any Camry, though. A “next-gen” Toyota Camry.

Next-gen Toyota Camry

2021 Toyota Camry XSE Wind Chill Pearl front end profile view2021 Toyota Camry XSE - Wind Chill Pearl

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Toyota Camry was last redesigned for the 2018 model year. With that info in my pocket, I can safely say this 8th-generation Camry has been offered for 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 model years.

This is about the time in a Camry life cycle where many fans might begin wondering if it is time for a new body and style. A full redesign.

So, let us bring this story full circle. The recent post on Toyota Racing Instagram page states “TRD Camry…NEXT GEN…5.5.21”

It also goes on to say, “#NextGen is on the way. What do you want to know about the car’s features?”

Whoa dude. This is super exciting. It must be time for the 9th-generation 2022 Camry, right?

But here is the catch. The fine print. Well, not really fine print. As one Instagram follower perfectly pointed out in the post comments:

“I don’t think people realize this is a nascar thing.” Said _jarrrrrret_.

2022 Toyota Camry post

2022 Toyota Camry TRD NASCAR front end

Yes, that is right. This picture is a teaser of the next-generation Toyota NASCAR Cup car.

Toyota Racing will be revealing the latest Toyota entry in the NASCAR world this Wednesday, May 5th.

We should call that day “Camry de Mayo.”

No official word has come from Toyota about the status or timeline for a new generation of “everyday driver” Camry.

I suppose it could mean we will be seeing a next-gen 2022 Camry “on-the-road sedan” as well. But I do not know that until Toyota reveals more.

People comment on 2022 Toyota Camry

As I mentioned earlier, Toyota Camry fans are fired up and excited at the prospects of seeing what the new 2022 Camry will look for us to buy later in the year. Many assume we will be getting a redesigned Camry TRD.

However, seeing only the picture without knowing the context, and not realizing this is just a teaser for the new NASCAR Toyota race car, is causing people all sorts of confusion.

Just take a look at these comments from fans ready to have their suggestions heard.

daniyal._.26 has specific requests. “RWD, v6 turbo if u can’t do v8, manual with stiffer suspension.”

giovanni_cruz813 has a wish list too for this next-gen Camry. “Make it RWD and put a manual please. Give us a car that the true enthusiast can enjoy!”

“Are you guys bringing a new body style to the car with the next gen?” Wondered tyler_howett19.

v_e123 wants “AWD TRD Camry based on the XSE V6.”

Thomas says. “ppl in the comments are treating it like it’s a street car.”

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“Where is my street production Camry?” Asked Tony.

Casey is ready to go. “If you make this in Lunar Rock I’m sold!!!”

Actually Casey, I think I would enjoy seeing that too.

Time for your Toyota Camry comments

As you can tell, everyone has an opinion over what next-generation 2022 Camry should look like and how it should perform.

It appears that we will be looking at our next Toyota NASCAR entry first before we discuss what we can purchase at local dealerships.

Do you think the Toyota Camry production sedan will be redesigned for 2022 model year too, or do you feel this will come in a different year?

How about that NASCAR teaser photo though? It does look incredible, and I cannot wait for the big reveal in just a couple days.

Until then. See you next story when I rank all 2021 Toyota Tacoma updates and changes from worst to first.

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William Zeh (not verified)    May 4, 2021 - 10:50AM

The teaser picture reveals nothing. Camry is way past due for some horse power up grade. Camry is lagging behind other manufacturers in turbo charging!

William Zeh (not verified)    May 10, 2021 - 10:18AM

Hey Mitch sounds like you don't like turbos. Most car makers are going turbo. Millions on the road for power and fuel economy. I can't wait for my next car to have a turbo. Can't afford a Tesla yet.
Have a great day.