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Next-Gen 2022 Toyota Tundra Needs These 3 Changes to Compete

A new 2022 Toyota Tundra is coming. Soon. We look at the most important areas for improvement. See if your wish list ideas made the list.

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Toyota Tundra is big and tough and rugged and reliable. However, it is time for a new generation of Tundra to move on in.

I mean, can you believe it has been out for two decades and we are getting ready for just the third generation to be launched?

The good news is that Toyota is a smart corporation and knows just what to do. Here is what I mean by that. Every previous new generation release has been named the Motor Trend “Truck of the Year.” From early indications and rumors I have heard we are getting ready for an automotive home run with next-gen Tundra.

2020 Toyota Tundra CrewMax Barcelona Red profile view front end

This current 2021 Tundra is perfectly fine, though, for most owners. People know they have a truck that will last practically a lifetime and drive for several hundreds of thousands of miles. They also have a truck on their hands that holds its value better than just about every other make and model in the country.

In short, you can love and trust your Toyota Tundra.

But what about this next generation Tundra? We should be hearing an announcement sooner than later about the 2022 Toyota Tundra and it should turn heads immediately.

What areas for improvement should next-gen Tundra address most?

Toyota Tundra fan forum

What better way get “wish list” improvement ideas than with an online group of Toyota fans and enthusiasts that is all about Toyota Tundra – TundraCrew. TundraCrew is 56,000 Tundra owners and fans strong. And they know their stuff. I should know, as I am a member as well.

Just look at their forum introduction. “We at TundraCrew LOVE OUR TUNDRAS. Join us and let yours shine! Ask questions, share pictures, and as always show your passion for your inner Toyota!”

Let us see what they suggest for 2022 Toyota Tundra.

2022 Tundra mpg

Dan offered his biggest request. “Need to improve the mpg of the Tundra.”

Perhaps the most common thing I hear owners grumble about with Toyota Tundra is the gas mileage they see. Fuel is expensive and it goes fast in a full-size truck.

The current 2021 Tundra is available with either a 26.4 or 38.0-gallon fuel tank and has fuel estimates in the mid to high teens. All trims offer 13mpg in the city and up to 18mpg on the highway, combining for either 14mpg or 15mpg.

Owners would like these numbers to improve with this next Tundra launch. Since a Tundra Hybrid is expected to be offered as one option for 2022 model year, this is one way Tundra fans should be happy.

VIDEO: Take a tour of this 2021 Toyota Tundra TRD Off-Road in Army Green.

Will the gasoline-only grades offer an improvement versus current 2021 Tundra mpg? Time will tell.

2022 Toyota Tundra tow capacity
Toyota Tundra CrewMax Magnetic Gray profile view tow capacity

“I haul horses and have to pull more weight. Come on Tundra!” Offered Richard.

The 2021 Toyota Tundra has maximum towing capacities anywhere from 8,800 to 10,200 pounds depending on configuration specs. Many people would like to see increases in this area.

I expect the new 2022 Tundra to be bigger, stronger and more powerful than ever before. I would look for a bump in tow capabilities as well.

What ratings do you need to see in order to get your attention?

Performance for 2022 Toyota Tundra

This aspect for a next generation Toyota Tundra is all over the map. People who love Tundra have so many varied suggestions. It is fascinating just imagining what Toyota will announce in the near future.

Mason had several suggestions for performance plus many more. “425hp / 425tq., 20+mpg, 8-speed transmission, 2000-pound payload, 12,000 pounds towing.”

Chris suggested. “Better technology and diesel motor.”

Denny wants a hybrid version, but with a provision. “My wife and I both own Toyota hybrids (Prius and Camry). I will buy the new Tundra Hybrid if it has enough power to pull my boat. Fingers crossed.”

I have reservations about Toyota going away from its trusted 5.7-liter V8 engine. I mean, it does give us 381 horsepower and 401 lb.-ft. torque.

ANOTHER TOYOTA STORY: The next-gen 4Runner feature fans do not want changed.

Yes, I realize we will be getting more power and towing and gas mileage with this next Tundra powertrain. I don’t know. It is just this current one is so dependable and strong.

2021 Toyota Tundra Nightshade front end

I am sure I will quickly get up to speed (so to speak) with a Tundra twin turbo or hybrid (actually, I love the idea of a Tundra hybrid. I cannot wait to see the specs on this one).

Time for your thoughts on 2022 Toyota Tundra

I will throw in some of my other wish list items since we are making suggestions. I would like to see more creative storage areas, a more modern multimedia system with high-tech capabilities, and a more luxurious interior cabin.

What do you want in yours?

Thanks for reading everyone. See you next story when I show the features that will make life much easier for families who buy 2021 Sienna.

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Edward M Schulte (not verified)    December 16, 2020 - 5:11PM

I want a better transmission. Mine went out at 83k miles while I was 5 hours from home and had to get a remanufactured tranny put in for the cost of 5000 dollars.

Edward M Schulte (not verified)    December 16, 2020 - 5:12PM

I want a better transmission. Mine went out at 83k miles while I was 5 hours from home and had to get a remanufactured tranny put in for the cost of 5000 dollars.