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Inventory Critically Low for 2020 Toyota Tacoma and Here is Why

Learn more about why you may not be able to find your 2020 Tacoma right now.

There are many reasons Toyota Tacoma is the best-selling midsize truck in the country for several years running. They are well-built and have earned a reputation for long-term quality, reliability and dependability.

They are equipped to handle the toughest terrains so that you can enjoy whatever form of recreation you want in your favorite truck. Let's hear it campers, weekend warriors, off-roaders and overlanders.

A Tacoma also has the highest resale value across all brands and models. This means you will more than likely be pleased if you ever decide to sell your Tacoma or trade it in for a newer one.

2020 Toyota Tacoma SR5 Double Cab Magnetic Gray Metallic profile view

Sounds great. And now you want to buy one, right? Not so fast.

An interesting phenomenon has been developing over the past couple months, and it may prove more difficult than you think to find and buy your ideal 2020 Tacoma.

Comments about 2020 Tacoma supply

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I went right to the people to learn more about the Tacoma word on the Toyota streets, so to speak.

People all over the United States are finding it challenging to find a new Toyota Tacoma for sale.

SlowFox could not find one. “No one can buy these things. They are all out of stock everywhere.”

Chris commented on his Tacoma research. “Need to have them build more so I can buy one at an acceptable price. Low inventory of off-road in cement makes negotiations difficult.”

“Every dealer in my area is out. I couldn’t even find one to test drive.” Lamented Kenny.

The comment of the day goes to Ed. “I guess I’ll hang on to my ’97 Taco a little longer then.”


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2020 Toyota Tacoma Shortages

2020 Toyota Tacoma Access Cab Barcelona Red profile and front end

Hand sanitizer. Lysol wipes. Toilet paper. These are all everyday items I do not think any of us ever thought in our wildest dreams would be difficult to find.

I mean, you would not even believe how happy I was when I got a 3-pack of Lysol wipes as a Birthday gift recently from my mother-in-law. Crazy times, my friends.

This scavenger hunt list most of us have had for a couple months should probably also include the 2020 Toyota Tacoma as well. You probably cannot find them either.

VIDEO: Compare Tacoma TRD Pro vs Tacoma TRD Off-Road in my video review.

Businesses all over the world, unfortunately, have had to alter production schedules and most definitely the way they do business overall.

This includes Toyota, along with probably every other auto manufacturer.

Toyota production facilities were shut down from around March 23rd until the week of May 11th across the United States and North America. No trucks manufactured. No SUVs rolling off the lines. No sedans being delivered.

No vehicles for 1.5 months. Especially when this involves the most-purchased midsize truck around. Yikes. This short-term kink in the supply chain has rolled downhill and potential buyers are now seeing shortages for themselves at dealerships.

Time for your thoughts on Toyota Tacoma

Toyota expects supplies for Tacoma to replenish within a couple months. For right now, however, pickings could be slim at your local Toyota dealer.

If you are in the market for a new or pre-owned Toyota Tacoma, my advice is that you check with your local dealers to find what Tacoma trucks they have incoming within the next few weeks and reserve the one you want.

You may also choose to expand your horizons a little and seek out a larger, high-volume Toyota dealership that might have a larger supply currently.

Thanks for reading everyone. Feel free to bookmark my Torque News / Toyota News page to follow along with updates and with everything in the world of Toyota.

Have you been to a dealership recently and what are your findings? Is supply limited or did they have a good number of Tacoma and Tundra trucks?

What trim level Tacoma would be your optimal choice? TRD Off-Road would be my personal pick. What is yours?

See you next story when I compare towing capacity for 2021 RAV4 Prime vs RAV4 Hybrid.

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