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How to Unlock All 2020 Toyota RAV4 (and 2020 Highlander) Doors at Same Time

This valuable tip will make driving life so much easier for your family in your 2020 RAV4, as well as the all-new 2020 Highlander.

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Life hack. I like that term. A life hack is used to describe a hint, a tip, or a technique to make life easier for people. It can save them time, money, effort, or something else I have not yet thought of.

You can use metal binder clips to fix broken keyboard stands. Try opening a sticky pickle jar using duct tape. Plump up a flattened pillow by putting it in the sun for 30 minutes.

Oh, and you can also open all doors on your new 2020 Toyota RAV4 at the same time. Oh, and this tip also works for the redesigned 2020 Toyota Highlander as well.

2020 Toyota Highlander Limited Hybrid Blizzard Pearl profile back endBenefits of a Toyota Smart Key for 2020 RAV4

A smart key is helpful for many reasons. It allows you to conveniently unlock your car doors without having to take your key out of your pants pocket or purse. You can start your car with one swift push of a button. You can also lock your car door after you are done with it without having to reach for your key.

It is also a safety device. Imagine you are approaching your car at night in a darker parking lot. Instead of needing to take time to fumble in your purse for your key before unlocking it, you can just put your hand on the driver’s side door handle and the driver’s side door will unlock.

2020 Toyota RAV4 Limited Hybrid Blizzard Pearl smart key door handle

Due to safety issues, this motion only unlocks the driver’s door. Again, imagine a worst-case scenario where a potential carjacker or worse sees the chance to jump into an unlocked passenger side door. Good work here Toyota. Better safe than sorry.

You will find this smart key on most 2020 RAV4 grades and on all 2020 Highlander trim levels.

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How to unlock all doors at once on a 2020 RAV4

On the flip side, what if you have backseat passengers, especially young children, who are waiting patiently for you to open their doors. What if it is raining and everyone is getting wet waiting to get inside that 2020 Highlander or 2020 RAV4?

Toyota took measures to bypass this system and allow all doors to unlock at the same time. Even better, the system is super easy for anyone to try.

To unlock all doors at the same time, put your hand on the driver’s side door handle and hold it there for about 3 seconds. At first, it will beep one time and then will beep again to signify that all doors have been unlocked.

Presto! Easy mechanical magic!

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Time for your thoughts on 2020 Toyota RAV4 and 2020 Highlander

Do you own or plan on buying a new 2020 Toyota Highlander or 2020 RAV4? If so, do you think this tip will help you and your family?

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