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First Look at Refreshed 2023 Toyota Corolla (with Video)

Fresh new look and features for 2023 Toyota Corolla.


As we start getting our first looks at incoming 2023 Toyota models, we get to see what is completely new, what has been refreshed, and what is remaining unchanged.

I got to see up close and personal, thanks to ToyotaUSA, the refreshed 2023 Corolla. Quite a bit has changed.

With an eerie and cool new color to introduce (plus new technology and safety), Toyota Corolla is back and as hot as ever.

2023 Toyota Corolla Underground
2023 Toyota Corolla SE Underground profile view

Toyota is debuting a fresh new color for 2023 Corolla. Meet Underground.

I would awkwardly describe Underground color as a mix between Magnetic Gray and Asphalt and a small splash of Cement mixed in. It is cool and fresh and sinister in appearance (you can find it on 2023 Camry TRD as well).

My “ToyotaJeff Reviews” YouTube channel has a new video on 2023 Toyota Corolla SE, which happens to be in Underground color. You may really like some of these changes.

2023 Toyota Corolla Changes
2023 Toyota Corolla SE Underground back end rear end

Look for quite a few exciting and practical updates and changes for 2023 Corolla and 2023 Corolla Hybrid.

The biggest change may be the addition of several new Corolla Hybrid trim levels. You can now choose from Hybrid LE FWD, Hybrid LE AWD, Hybrid SE FWD, Hybrid SE AWD, and Hybrid XLE FWD.

Yes, that is right. Corolla Hybrid is now offered in five trim levels and in all-wheel drive. This should really open up possibilities for potential buyers.

Also, Toyota Audio Multimedia is standard on all 2023 Toyota Corolla Hybrid and gas models.

Plus, plan on standard Toyota Safety Sense 3.0 on all grades.

Time for Your Toyota Corolla Comments

The refreshed front end of Corolla SE looks extremely sporty and modern and brings an extra edge with it. This one really caught my eye.

What did you think of the Underground color video? Is that something you would buy? What upgrades are important to you?

Thanks for watching everyone. See you next story.

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