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Big Changes for 2023 Toyota Corolla Hybrid (with Video)

See how many trim levels were added for 2023 Toyota Corolla Hybrid. Shocking.


Toyota Corolla is the world’s best-selling passenger sedan of all time. It is trustworthy and reliable and dependable.

However, Corolla has lacked some modern features many would expect from a top seller.

Not any longer. Especially with 2023 Corolla Hybrid.

2023 Toyota Corolla Hybrid Trim Levels
2023 Toyota Corolla Hybrid Ruby Flare Pearl front end profile view

Until this year, Corolla Hybrid was only offered in one trim level – the LE. So, if you wanted a Corolla Hybrid, you had better really like the Hybrid LE. Otherwise, you were out of luck.

For 2023, people in the market for a Toyota Corolla Hybrid can choose between LE FWD, LE AWD, SE FWD, SE AWD, and XLE FWD.

Yes, that is right. You can now get a 2023 Toyota Corolla Hybrid in all-wheel drive. This should really help when driving in slippery conditions like rain or snow.

2023 Corolla Hybrid Engine

Look for more power this year. The 2023 Toyota Corolla Hybrid utilizes a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine with electric motor power. This is matched with an electronically-controlled continuously variable transmission.

Last year 2022 Corolla Hybrid produced 121 net system horsepower. This increases to 134 horsepower and 156 lb.-ft. torque for 2023.

2023 Toyota Corolla Hybrid MPG
2023 Toyota Corolla Hybrid LE interior dash

Miles per gallon for all 2023 Corolla Hybrid trim levels is listed. LE FWD is 53/46/50. LE AWD is 51/44/48. SE FWD is 50/43/47. SE AWD is 47/41/44. XLE is 52/46/50.

Corolla Hybrid Review

My “ToyotaJeff Reviews” YouTube channel can help consumers research vehicles they are looking to buy and learn more about the ones they have already bought.

You may find my 2023 Corolla Hybrid SE review helpful. I really like the refreshed front-end styling, especially in the Ruby Flare Pearl test vehicle I had.

Other 2023 Corolla Hybrid Updates

Toyota Audio Multimedia comes standard across the board on all 2023 Corolla gasoline and hybrid trim levels. I have notice considerable improvements with better graphics, faster command speeds, as well as wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Also look for an upgrade to Toyota Safety Sense 3.0 standard on all 2023 Toyota Corolla models.

Time for Your Corolla Hybrid Comments

What do you think of the 2023 Corolla Hybrid? What changes are you most excited for?

Thanks for watching everyone. See you next story.

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Peter Park (not verified)    October 24, 2022 - 12:17AM

Jeff: (1) On Toyota Cross does AWD ever engage on dry pavement? (2) Does it come on during heavy acceleration on dry road? I don't off road and no ice and snow here.