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2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser with 382,000 Miles – You Have Never Seen One Like This

Meet the man behind this one-of-a-kind 2007 FJ Cruiser that has 382,000 miles. You have to see this one to believe it.


Have one conversation with Mark Hoffman of Apex, NC about his Toyota FJ Cruiser and you will know almost instantaneously this is a man who is very proud of his vehicle. Being an avid sportman and outdoor enthusiast, Mark needed a vehicle that would handle the multiple road trips and adventures he would be planning.

Mark talks about his FJ as if it were a loyal and valued member of his family. It has taken him all over the country for the first “nearly 400,000 miles” of its life.

“It just got back from Lake Erie catching steelhead. That’s about a 10 hour drive each way. I drove it to Flagstaff, AZ and paddled the entire length of the Colorado River while I was there. I’ve made multiple trips up and down the East Coast to Florida all the way to the Great Lakes fishing.”

Yes the adventures of this one-of-a-kind FJ Cruiser are numerous and quite memorable.

“It’s my little despicable hobby but it’s what I do and this is the right vehicle for it.”

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Maintenance for this 2007 FJ Cruiser

You can normally tell how a vehicle has been maintained by how its owner talks about it. Mark clearly has kept his Toyota FJ in great mechanical condition.

“Original engine. She runs like a top. I service her every 5,000 miles. I do my differentials and transfer cases once a year. I do my transmission every 100,000 miles. And I get my radiator done once a year regardless of the mileage.”

“I’ve had a 3-inch full suspension lift kit on it. I have an airbag suspension kit that I can lift and level the rear end if I’m towing trailers.”

VIDEO: Listen in as Mark discusses his very unique 2007 FJ Cruiser.

Speaking of modifications…

Tell us about the FJ Cruiser Contraption

First appearances are everything. I was drawn to the aluminum contraption surrounding this FJ Cruiser at once and had to learn more.

“I have a custom designed, and built by myself, full length aluminum rack. In addition to the Baja rack, which is a full length rack, if I want to put a full camper shell on it.”

Yes this engineering marvel was designed and built by Mark himself, providing him with the resources he needs for each specific expedition he undertakes on a pretty continuous basis. It can handle shells, luggage of all shapes and sizes, canoes and kayaks like a champ.

2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser silver color front endTime for your thoughts on FJ Cruiser

I have been a huge fan of the Toyota FJ Cruiser for well over a decade and seen many different ways to modify and customize them. To me, the FJ rides smooth and comfortably and is tough as nails.

Mark Hoffman agrees with me.

“One of the reasons I bought the FJ Cruiser is because it drives like a sports car. When I drove this and saw the way that it handled, that was one of the things that convinced me that this was the car that I wanted. Because it handled like a sports car, but it is an SUV.”

What do you think about FJ Cruiser? Do you own one and how many miles do you have on yours? What adventures has it been on?

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