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Fenix Power and ChargeShare Make a Game Changing Alliance for BEV Batteries and Public Charging Options

Public charging, replacing, and upgrading an ion battery to a BEV apparently got a little easier and maybe even cheaper to do when two startups recently announced they inked a deal to combine their services onto one menu. Fenix Power and ChargeShare, two young companies worth keeping an eye on, are looking to make BEV ownership easier, cheaper, more accessible, and convenient, and believe they’ve found a way to bridge both the new sales and after market parts arenas in the BEV industry.

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I continue my short series of stories themed “Life After Leaf” in the newly Post Hybrid Era where once before there was only three major compact fully electric cars in a market awash with hybrids and few public charging options. My, have we come a long way! There is life after the old Nissan Leaf with even a newer Leaf with a longer range, more car choices, and now several charger networks, and there’s this breaking news story:

The post car-sale aftermarket battery replacement/upgrade and public charging markets got a game changing boost for present and future BEV owners recently when Fenix Power and ChargeShare inked a deal creating an alliance. Fenix Power, the people who can replace and eventually upgrade your old or tiny BEV battery with a menu of battery tray services, and ChargeShare the public charging network startup got together to combine their services that give BEV owners options to keep their cars for hundreds of thousands of miles and keep a hold on battery costs for charging and replacement/upgrade for pennies on the dollar.

  • ChargeShare is the first crowdfunded charger network.
  • It is designed to help you go further than possible with other networks.
  • It is the first pay as you go network.
  • No membership plans and no per charging session fees.
  • All major credit cards accepted.
  • • DC Fast Charging starting from $0.30 per kWh.
  • • Unlimited charging memberships available.
  • Fenix Power is a battery tray service startup that’s not just a battery maintenance/replacement service but is also a serious R&D company looking for newer more effective technologies to put into present and future BEVs.
  • They not only can replace a battery in a present BEV at a cheaper cost but they also can modify your BEV with a custom tray to make future replacements and upgrades more easily.
  • With their menu of services you can set it and forget it when it comes to your BEV battery with their over the air updates and their monitoring your battery while in use.
  • Fenix has inexpensive options to replace your Nissan Leaf battery.
  • Fenix has inexpensive electric conversion options for a C5 Corvette.
  • They even have a home battery system you can install in your household.

In a joint statement Fenix and ChargeShare announced they’re combining their service offerings in a partnership that gives battery electric car owners less worries about keeping, using, replacing, upgrading, and now just even public charging the batteries to their BEVs. “ChargeShare and Fēnix Power effective immediately have agreed to a vertically integrated partnership to meet the needs of present and future customers. Fēnix Power is a cutting-edge energy company focused on smart battery modules for production electric vehicles and many other applications. Their technological advancements, modular design and Batteries as a Service (BaaS) model make them an ideal partner for ChargeShare.”

John Bysinger, the battery tray guru and CEO of Fenix Power thinks this alliance is a win-win for present and future battery electric car owners who are fearful of a scant public charger network that they think hardly exists to help them and present BEV owners with tiny older batteries who are seriously
contemplating turning their cars over to a salvage yard: “We've inked a partnership with ChargeShare, an EV charging network startup that also uses a subscription model combined with a unique crowdfunding model where non EV owners can participate as well.  They already have charging systems in place around the country, but have big plans for their network coming soon.  We believe that pairing with ChargeShare and providing our subscribers with access to a charging network will go a long way to help our customers and their Tesla SuperCharger network envy!”

For more information on ChargeShare and Fēnix’s partnership, visit and

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