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Why Tesla Model S Owners Switch to Model 3

Once again, the Tesla cars have sparked a rise in discussion. With the release of the newest model, the Model 3, many people are wondering which of the two cars is better, which is worth the price, which they would get the most use out of, and which one they should end up purchasing.


Many people who previously owned the Tesla Model S ended up switching to the Tesla Model 3. One person who switched said that they did so because the Model 3 is smaller than the Model S. For some people, that may be an advantage, if you need a smaller car. If you need a larger car, then the Model S seems to be the way to go.

One Reddit user said, “I am upgrading from MS40 to Model 3. For me, it is an upgrade in almost all respects (except hatchback+storage). My Model S has no autopilot, 130 mile range, no supercharger access, 3G, is larger than I want, etc. Model 3 has all those goodies and more, even though it should cost less.” Once again, the size of the Model S seemed to be an issue for drivers. However, the price of the Model 3 may be a problem for some.

User “Teslike” wrote, “Here, let me clarify you the range numbers of Tesla cars:

  • Model S 85 = Model 3 Standard Range
  • Model S 75 = Model 3 Standard Range
  • Model S 75D = Model 3 Standard Range AWD
  • Model S 100D = Model 3 Long Range AWD

some people even say that upgrading from the Model S 85 to the Model 3 LR is similar to switching to the Model S 100D. You get a lot more range and better performance. Therefore people should definitely upgrade from the Model S 85 to the Model 3 LR or even the Model 3 SR.

Model S 85 to Model 3 SR: This means, you will have the same range and about the same performance but you will have AP2.5 instead of no AP or AP1.0.
Model S 85 to Model 3 LR: This means, you will have a lot more range and better performance and AP2.5 instead of no AP or AP1.0.” These may be features to consider if you want to make the switch between vehicles, or if you are wondering which seems to be better to purchase.

Overall, users and buyers who switched say that the smaller size and the better features of the Model 3 is what caused them to switch between vehicles. Have you made the switch between the Model S and the Model 3? If so, share your reasons for doing so with us, and let us know if the size and newer features are also what motivated you.

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John (not verified)    February 23, 2018 - 5:15PM

The model 3 is a nice car especially when the $35k one comes out. However I wouldn't want to give up my 4 wheel drive (i know a duel motor model 3 is coming), Less trunk space, free supercharging, Duel Screens (especially the power meter on the dash I use this all the time), I also like the hatch back trunk easier to get big items in. By the time I get a model 3 the way I would want it may as well get the S.

Tony (not verified)    February 23, 2018 - 5:16PM

You can't go wrong either way, whether it's Model S or Model 3. I bought a used s first totaled it and then bought a new 3. Both are awesome!

Robert (not verified)    February 24, 2018 - 9:17AM

Trading in my 85 for the X (need the space) but once wife’s LR lease is up really thinking getting the 3 after I went to see it... once I drive one I’ll know.

Cliftonhig (not verified)    February 25, 2018 - 9:22AM

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