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King Raptor: The Suspension Upgrade Raptor Owners Need

The Ford Raptor's out of the box performance is no joke. Widely regarded as one of the best factory built off-road half-ton trucks on the market the Ford Raptor has made a name for itself with enthusiast in the off-road world, but many owners find themselves wanting more out of their Raptors when they really begin pushing the limits of their capabilities off-road.

As first-generation Ford Raptors become more affordable in the used car market making them more accessible ‘build’ vehicles and current owners tire out their original fox suspension after years of off-road abuse many will be looking to upgrade. Look no further than King Off-Road Racing Shocks and their Raptor suspension solution.

Ford Raptor King Shocks Review

King is a racing shock and coil over manufacturer with a serious heritage of being one of the best in the business. Building shocks for motorsport around the world they’ve helped win countless races and championships in their 21 years of operation. King develops much more than custom fit race shocks, they also have a wide variety of drop in OEM replacement applications, which come petuned based on Kings research and development for maximum out of the box performance, much like the way the Raptor does from Ford. A wide variety of these kits are available for virtually all make and modes with any hit of off ability. So, it’s no surprise King would develop a setup for such a renowned off-road vehicle.

This OEM drop in Raptor shock package equips the front with huge 3.0 front coil-overs and remote reservoir with compression adjuster knobs, and outfits the rear with 3.0 triple-bypass shocks. The compression adjusters on the coil overs give you on the fly adjustment without needing tools, making the switch from road manners to off-road effortless. The external bypass tubes are also adjustable, with a wrench and allen key, allow you to fine-tune the shocks based on your driving preferences and needs for even greater control over king’s suggested settings.

The Immediate Difference It Makes

Immediately drivers will notice the difference in their Ford Raptors; from elimination the ‘Raptor clunk’ of the front internal bypass, to the adjustability, their Raptor will feel more planted and much less floaty right away. When used and abused off-road the King shocks will not fade the same way the factory Fox shocks did thanks to the larger diameter of the king shocks and the fluid reservoirs holding considerably more fluid keeping the shock cool. The added blue flare will be a fun bit of eye candy to many owners.

The install on these shocks if extremely simple with no other modifications required, everything bolts right in, this could easily be handled by one person and would be great for a novice with accesses to proper tools to learn. The only real drawback to such an upgrade is the price tag. Performance shocks don’t come cheap but you absolutely get what you pay for and will not be disappointed in your return on your investment.

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Have you hit the limits of you stock shocks? Or do you think there is no reason to upgrade?