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Nissan creates forum over pre-wiring for the Leaf

Nissan is making room for the 2012 Nissan Leaf by partnering with developer City Ventures in Southern California to build 190 townhomes that are Leaf-ready and asking for comments on a Facebook page.
Posted: August 8, 2011 - 7:01PM
Author: Don Bain

Most of those commenting on pre-installed charging stations were answering Nissan call for other places to start laying the out the lifelines for the Nissan Leaf.

The truth is, as Ryland Erdman pointed out, “All modern electric cars use the same J1772 EV charging plug, it allows you to charge from a 110v or 220v source and has a safety feature which doesn't put live voltage in to the cord until it's connected to a vehicle that needs to be charged.”

Erdman was responding to one commenter’s fear that Nissan was building a monopoly for the erstwhile Leaf. That person responded later he was not particularly interested in the Nissan Leaf, but was fully in favor of a “better, cleaner future.”

Most everyone else was in favor of pre-wiring for electric vehicles like the Nissan Leaf from the great city of Seattle to the Southern state of Georgia.
Perhaps the best comment came from a writer on, Royal Ricci, who stated, “How bout you ramp up production and get these Leafs out on the street? Don't worry about the charging infrastructure. The owners will see that it gets created.”

The Nissan Leaf will also be vying with the Tesla S, Mitsubishi I, Ford Focus and Toyota Prius plug-in, as well ads a growing number of models destined to fill the green streets of the coming decade.

To join in the discussion, click here.

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