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What Does Weekly Driver Think of the MX-5 Mazda Miata?

It’s clear that summer is on the way, based on the amount of MX-5 Mazda Miata reviews that are hitting the Web.
Posted: June 21, 2017 - 4:14PM
Author: Tim Healey

With good weather on the way, it’s no surprise that there’d be more focus on one of the industry’s most popular drop-top sports cars.

It was the Weekly Driver’s turn today.

What does the news and reviews site think? The headline, “Driving Nirvana with an Asterisk,” gives a pretty clear clue.

Weekly Driver's Take

Like others who have tested the car, author James Raia found that it’s wonderful to drive, but too cramped on space, particularly for larger/taller drivers and passengers.

He also panned the entry and exit and complained about the car’s blind spot. He does, however, praise the hardtop for allowing the MX-5 RF to be an all-weather car.

Miata: Fun but Impractical

That seems to be the consensus about the MX-5 – a blast to drive but a little too impractical. That’s not a new take, it seems all Miatas have had the same reputation.

Of course, most buyers know what they’re getting into when they buy the car, and for many, it’s a second car.
That means practicality takes a back seat to fun, which is funny, since we’re talking about a car that doesn’t have even have a back seat.

Read the Weekly Driver’s take here.