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Hyundai Veloster May Be Hot Deal This Month

If you’re looking to join in on the spring car-buying season, you may want to put the Hyundai Veloster on your shopping list.
Posted: May 12, 2017 - 5:13PM
Author: Tim Healey

May is often a good month for car buying, as the weather warms across the nation and as Memorial Day weekend ends the month. Holiday weekends like Memorial Day weekend, where many workers are off on Monday but dealerships are open, often lead to increased sales.

Strong Spring Deals Ahead

On top of that, the past two months were lackluster for car sales, meaning there may be deals to be had – more than normal.

If you’ve ever wanted a Hyundai Veloster, or you’re shopping the subcompact/compact classes and are looking for something sporty, you may find a good deal on Hyundai’s little three-door sportster this week.
Kelley Blue Book has the 2016 Veloster listed at a Fair Purchase Price of $17,507 with $4,000 cash back. That could be an attractive deal to some, although conditions may apply.

Get A Veloster and Money Back

Still, a Veloster for about $13,000? One that’s only one model-year old? Depending on the features you’d want and what you can find on the used-car market, you could be starting your spring off right.
Just remember, you may need to use OEM filters to keep your used Veloster from leaking oil.