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Why You Should Love The New 2017 Genesis G90

Genesis, Hyundai's luxury brand has come out swinging with the new 2017 Genesis G90, so how will the South Korean carmaker beat the rest of the competition?
Posted: January 6, 2017 - 10:03AM
Author: Dave Ashton

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The 2017 Genesis G90 which was originally the Hyundai Equus has a lot of competition snapping at its heels from the likes of Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz and Lexus, which all have vehicles in the luxury car market well cemented in the psyche of customers, which means the Genesis has to make a great first impression to win over hearts and minds. Coming in at a base price MSRP of $60,100 and being the flagship of the line, the car at this point seems to successfully deliver on a high of a grand tourer which also offers one of the best in handling, comfort and technology. Thus, let's check out what it delivers compared to its competitors.

2017 Genesis G90 Powertrain
The base price Genesis will give you a 3.3L V6 eight speed automatic with 365 HP and 376lbs. ft. of torque, with the top end engine being a 5 L V8 producing 420 HP and 383lbs. ft. of torque, both having rear or all wheel drive. The V8 version in sports driving mode has plenty of power, letting you know there is a pure V8 under the hood, while the V6 version with its turbochargers gives better torque at lower revs giving unarguably a better around town experience. The V8 version may be the grunting thoroughbred, but the V6 is arguably just as good as an all-rounder.

2017 Genesis G90 Winning a Top Safety Award
The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) gave the 2017 Genesis G90 it's 'Top Safety Pick+' award pointing out its exceptional performance , making its innovations and safety technology in the premium luxury class a priority with pedestrian detection, Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB), Smart Blind Spot Detection and Driver Attention Alert (DAA) some of its key features. The Genesis has advanced high-strength steel and employs multiview cameras and radar sensors with automatic emergency braking, along with automatically tightening seat belts in hazardous scenarios.

Accolades like these always go a long way to boosting the confidence in potential customers and the G90 seems to be doing this with aplomb.

2017 Genesis G90 Interior Luxury with Tons of Extras
The exterior of the Genesis G90 fits the bill in the luxury department especially for CEO executives in South Korea, but its the interior that is the standout, on a par and surpassing its competitors. Leather and wood abound in the interior, with even the smallest buttons and switches having a luxurious feel. To match or beat its competitors, everything needs to feel palatial in here and the G 90 doesn't lack in any way. The luxury car market dictates that you should be sitting in the best of the best instantly and the G90 feels every bit the vehicle. You get plenty of technology along with the luxury which all comes as standard, such as 22 way power seats and Lexicon premium audio system which means each vehicle comes fully loaded from the off with you only needing to choose which powertrain and color is to your liking.

As with any luxury vehicle. You should have plenty of legroom and the G 90 delivers with a whopping 37.8 inches, which in reality is just a bit smaller than some of its contemporaries, but the G 90 also features fully loaded accessories in the rear, such as climate control and all the other bells and whistles which come as standard.

2017 Genesis G90 Price Comparison
As above, a fully loaded Genesis G90 starts at $68,100, with the 5 L version all wheel drive coming in at $72,200. A base price BMW seven series comes in at just under $83,000, but you will then have to start adding in all the extras which vastly bumps up the price. The G90 gives you everything from the off. This means that you get a full size luxury vehicle for roughly the price of a mid-sized luxury car and you don't have to worry about picking and choosing the extras which can send the price through the roof with its competitors.

The 2017 Genesis G90 is shaping up to be a luxury vehicle which offers everything from the start and doesn't break the bank when it comes to pricing for this much luxury. It may be the new kid on the block, but once inside it sure doesn't feel that way, more like a seasoned heavyweight which seems to have picked all the best bits from its Big Brother make Hyundai and cemented them into a vehicle that should get the competitors worried in the coming year. What you get for your money is just as important in the luxury category and the G90 seems to deliver on all fronts.

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