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Using Tesla's Ludicrous Mode Too Often May Lose You Power

Software updates to Tesla's new version 8.0 brings in new features and updates to autopilot, but users are concerned that some features have become limited, especially with the Ludicrous mode.

Version 8 of the Tesla software was originally released to the masses last August with updates coming at the beginning of the year, but according to teslamotorsclub.com this may also reduce the performance of vehicles that have used Ludicrous Mode a little too often. The ludicrous mode allows the user to launch the car from 0-60mph in 2.5 seconds rather than 2.9 seconds, but the blast of extra power stresses many components on the vehicles drive train, which some users have found with overuse has affected the car's performance.

One Tesla Motor Club forum member commented that his Tesla used to be able to draw 1600 amps, but now only pulls 1500 amps with the equivalent of 100 less horsepower. After enquiring at his Tesla service centre, it was confirmed that there is no internal count in the vehicle on the number of times the Launch Mode is engaged and once over that number power output is reduced automatically without notification to the driver. Tesla's battery management system keeps constant track of things like all the launch malts and will limit power when necessary to preserve the vehicle's components. Tesla say that these limitations are common practice with performance vehicles and it's nothing new.

Although it may be justified by Tesla to reduce power to Safeguard the vehicle, many are not happy with this undisclosed power reduction. A recent lawsuit in Norway over overstated vehicle statistics and some threatening lawsuits if power isn't returned are starting to crop up. One owner even asked for a rollback in the firmware to version 7, but it's unlikely this is a possibility as the latest up dates to the firmware will impact on other areas of the vehicle which may affect its safety in general, like the autopilot and voiding warranty could be an aspect.

Most of the news concerning the version 8 software has been around auto pilot and bringing online more of the features of HW2, but Tesla's loyal fan base seem very dismayed with an automatic power reduction, especially when they can only use the Ludicrous mode a certain amount of times. When there are no official figure of how many times this can be used before the power reduction, this seems to compound the problem for users. Other vehicle manufacturers don't seem to put a limit on the launch controls, which could be a big deciding factor for those who are buying into Tesla for the performance stats., not just the eco-side. Forum posts and Tweets are going out regularly for Tesla to resolve this matter, otherwise part of its loyal fan base who are usually very excepting of the companie's past grievances may start to dissolve.

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