Hyundai Launch Amazon Style Click To Buy Service

Hyundai Launch Amazon Style Click To Buy Service With Quirky UK Commercial

Hyundai have recently launched an online car buying service called, 'Click to Buy' in the UK which will allow customers to buy a vehicle entirely online.

The almost Amazon-esque 'Click to Buy' service will allow you to buy a i10, i20, i20 coupe, i30, Tucson and Santa Fe and arrange delivery, get a trade in price for your old car and if you pay with cash you can even have it delivered. Used vehicles will have an appointment made to trade in vehicles at a local dealer where you will also be able to pick up your new vehicle. Finance can also be arranged, but you'll have to visit your dealer to finish the paperwork side of things. The launch of the platform comes with an accompanying promotional video showing various customers frolicking around the English countryside and suburbia, waiting for their cardboard packages to arrive and excitedly unpacking the contents of the car sized card boxes, getting the whole family involved in the unwrapping process.

The idea behind the platform is to make the buying process more seamless and to appeal to customers who are put off by the showroom experience and car haggling. The Hyundai UK website says, 'You can get and compare quotes, configure your car, apply for finance and pay your deposit – all online.' The website gives step by step instructions on how to purchase your new vehicle, along with a fetching huge cardboard box in a driveway, giving you the idea that this process is as simple as ordering products on Amazon with the same levels of ease and convenience. The click to buy website was built by Collective, London.

Hyundai are not the only auto manufacturers going down the route of a complete online buying process. Volkswagen's Danish outlet recently launched an online buying platform, which allowed its Up model to be purchased online. Nissan also had the idea a few years ago of delivering a Versa Note in Amazon style cardboard boxes, giving that convenient home delivery feel and a great bit of promotion at the same time. Tesla motors also have their own online selling platform, which takes up the bulk of their sales.

I also wonder if this service will be rolled out to the rest of the globe in the near future, but there doesn't seem to be any sign on the US or equivalent Hyundai websites about the service. With a world that is increasingly valuing the convenience of buying from home rather than a visit to a dealership, 'Click to Buy' makes sense and why shouldn't the buying process be a seamless as any other product you purchase online. The push for online vehicle buying also may not see the complete demise of the car dealership, but it will at the least give another option to purchase a Hyundai vehicle apart from the traditional routes.

I just wonder what happens when the vehicle is delivered next door when you're out, next door have to sign for it or its left under your window like some other delivery services.....

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