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The Best Way To Detail Your Hyundai Veloster Turbo

There are many examples of products on the market and processes for the best way to detail your car, but one Veloster forum post gives great insight into how to get the best detailing from your Veloster.

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Everyone has their favorite products and methods for producing the best look and protection for their Hyundai Veloster or any car for that matter, but this forum thread gives a great process and recommended potential products for getting the most 'gleam' and protection possible. None of the products recommended here are affiliates or store sponsors in anyway, just the information given from the forum thread. I will try and condense the steps to make them as easy as possible to follow. See the best and worst reviews of the 2017 Hyundai Veloster.

Step one: buffing - to remove scratches and oxidation, the thread recommends a buffing machine with the correct foam pad and compound, in this case a light cut foam pad and Mag1 Polish. Some like to use a buffing machine some prefer manual. Either is fine. In fact, Black & Decker WP900 6-Inch Random Orbit Waxer/Polisher and PORTER-CABLE 7424XP 6-Inch Variable-Speed Polisher both have A+ rating at the time of this writing at

Step two: washing - using the right products while washing is paramount. The guy recommends Ardex Wash and Wax which has a wax polymer. Also a green or blue micro fiber mitt for application and not as he says, 'those whitish yellow wash-mitts that look like a big ball of dog fur.'

For the front-end, hood, wheel wells, rubber on the wheels products like Purple Rush, Purple Power and Triple 7 are recommended. Dilute them 50-50 and cover everything you don't want to clean, don't use straight from the bottle.

The brakes can be cleaned with Well Worth Show Wheels diluted 1:4. Always follow the manufacturers guidelines for application. After rinsing off all this stuff you can use a clay bar with a recommendation of Malco Detailing Clay in blue fine grit. More aggressive grits may leave fine scratches. Use a real chamois then essentially wash, clay, rinse, and dry.

Step three: Waxing - step three in the forum thread is actually about interior cleaning, but the main focus here is how to get the exterior up to scratch, pardon the pun. This guy recommends hand waxing to give the most control, with a type of wax used being a personal preference. Take your wax applicator, dumping it and begin waxing. His personal preference is Meguires Gold Class Carnuba. He applies the wax in straight-line motions to stop swirls, covering the bodywork, wheels and lights. while you're waiting for the wax to haze over, you can do under the hood, wheel wells and tires. Buy a jug of tire shine in liquid form and use a paintbrush to paint the tires.

After application use a dry micro fiber towel to wipe off all the applied wax.

Step four: touchups - this is the shortest bit, which is basically wiping down the jambs, any wax smears and smudges and essentially going over in detail any parts you may have missed.

This in short is the process to get the best shine from your car. With any of these steps and products used, always refer to the products instructions and recommended ways of use. These are only guidelines and one possible way to get the best appearance from your vehicle.

Comment below with any processes or recommendations you have for detailing your vehicle.

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