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Ford Plans Recall Of Popular Compact Maverick Pickup To Fix Towing Error

Despite multiple recalls, the Ford Maverick remains an incredibly popular compact pickup. With a good price and two levels, including one that is hybridized, you can see why. Now, Ford has added another recall to fix a towing error.

Buyers began flocking to it when Ford introduced its compact Maverick pickup last year. Indeed, surveys of early buyers found that many of those who were putting in their reservations for early versions of the pickup were brand-new pickup trucks.

Reasons The Maverick Is Popular

When you look at the Maverick, you can understand why. The Maverick is a little bigger than a crossover, yet it offers the benefits of a pickup, as it was designed to be a pickup from the start. Its size made sense for buyers who had never had a pickup before yet wanted one. Also, it was available in two versions, a hybridized version, driven by a four-cylinder engine linked to a continuously variable transmission (CVT). The hybridized version is available as a front-wheel drive model only. An all-wheel-drive version is also available, driven by a four but linked to a six-gear transmission. Both versions are incredibly popular and have encouraged customer reservations in the 100,000-reservation range. Indeed, Ford has cut off reservations for 2023 and is concentrating on 2024 versions now. It will likely become even more popular because Consumer Reports has made the Maverick its go-to small pickup. Honda’s Ridgeline has been dethroned in favor of the small Ford truck.

And not all versions of the Maverick are in the order books. Dealers have been able to order their share, and thus some owners have been able to buy or lease their Mavericks from dealers, the traditional vehicle-buying route.

As with other Ford vehicles this year, there were many recalls recently. For example, 1.7 million midsized passenger vehicles and pickups were recalled last week. Meantime, the popular, compact Maverick pickup has been the subject of recent recalls.

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“Now, the 2023 Maverick is facing yet another recall.” It’s a recall that might impact the vehicle’s towing capability. The latest recall isn’t the first for Ford’s compact pickup. It only impacts “certain versions of this compact pickup, and those are models with the Class II Trailer Tow package,” says the

The 2023 Ford Maverick has another recall

As the opines: “We do know why this recall is out, and it might be a little embarrassing for the Blue Oval. Apparently, at the factory, a wiring circuit was not installed. That means even if you connect a trailer to the 2023 Ford Maverick, your trailer’s taillamps will not work. And that is a pretty important safety feature while towing something with your truck.”

As with all recalls, “the cost of the fix is covered by the manufacturer. If your Maverick is impacted, you’ll receive a notification from Ford to bring your truck to the dealership. There, the issue will be corrected by splicing in the missing wires. That way, your small pickup functions as it should.”

How Much Can Your Maverick Tow?

The Maverick Maverick does well as a towing vehicle.. Even with the hybridized version, the 2023 model can tow up to 2,000 pounds. “If you need a truck that can tow more, this model offers a maximum of 4,000 pounds.” The “gotcha” is ordering the version with the larger turbo engine (EcoBoost) and an optional towing package.

When you tow, you will likely find that your truck’s mileage will suffer. However, Motor Trend notes that the Maverick is “efficient when towing with the hybrid engine. It returned a 30-mpg average when towing a 1,600-pound trailer. When towing a larger trailer with the EcoBoost engine, the Maverick was less impressive.” The difference was 11 mpg. If you stay within the truck’s limits, it can easily tow and haul. “And, for a compact pickup that you can get for less than $25K, that is pretty cool to see,” says the

What about other Maverick recalls?

The Mavericks have multiple problems and have been subject to several recalls. “The most recent of these could impact your ability to tow safely,” says the “If you have a 2023 Ford Maverick with a Class II Towing package, you should probably be looking for a recall notice in the mail.” However, you’ll be all set when you get to the dealership because “the Blue Oval already has a fix for the problem.” Because this is a recall, “you do not have to worry about paying to correct it yourself. You’ll just be responsible for getting your truck to the dealership for repair, which can feel inconvenient.”

Finally, wondered what was happening with Maverick orders?. “Despite recalls and issues with supply, Ford’s small truck remains extremely popular. The Blue Oval has plans to increase production of the Maverick to get more folks their trucks. And, hopefully, that will happen soon,” the MotorBiscuit concludes.

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