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Ford Gift Hours To Mustang-Mach-E Owners Average 3-5 Fill-Ups

Ford has decided to give owners of its all-electric Mustang Mach-E 250 free kilowatt-hours of charge time to help them learn about the potential for road trips. The time average three fill-ups for extended battery model sand five fill-ups in standard models.


To jump-start their experiences with their new electrics, Ford will give owners of new Mustang Mach-E models 250 kilowatt-hours of charging through FordPass Rewards at Electrify America fast-charging stations. My colleage and Ford F150 Reporter Jimmy Dinsmore discussed the Mustang line recently and some of the exciting paint colors and other features.

Ford Gift Hours Average 3-5 Fill-ups

The complimentary charging time translates into more than three fill-ups for owners who opted for extended-range batteries. For owners of Mustang Mach-E models with standard batteries, the 250 kilowatt-hours equals more than five fill-ups.Ford Reporter and Correspondent Jimmy Dinsmore discusses how the Mustang Mach-E will receive its updates.

The bonus charging time is in addition to the two years of complimentary access customers automatically receive to the expanded FordPass Cbarging Network for easy pay-as-you-go charging.

The FordPass Charging Network is North America’s largest public charging network with more than 13,500 charging stations and nearly 40,000 individual plugs. Electrify American’s system, part of the FordPass Charging Network, offers the most significant number of high-powered public charging stations on the market today.

According to Matt Stover, Ford director of charging, energy services, and business development, the program is “one of the main opportunities we have” is to educate “potential customers about road-trip readiness. The 250 kilowatt-hours of complimentary charging we’re offering through FordPass Rewards and the FordPass Charging Network with Electrify America will give our Mustang Mach-E customers confidence in their ability to plan a trip, no matter their destinations.”

Ford Gift Hours Uses Electrify America Chargers

Using Electrify America’s DC fast chargers, rear-wheel-drive-equipped Mustang Mach-E with an extended range battery can add an estimated 61 miles of range in about 10 minutes. Both all-wheel-drive and rear-wheel-drive configurations are expected to be able to achieve a 10 percent to 80 percent charge in about 45 minutes.

“Exciting new electric vehicles like the Mustang Mach-E will help drive new customers to choose to drive electric,” said Giovanni Palazzo, president, and CEO of Electrify America. “We’re proud to have Ford electric vehicles take advantage of Electrify America’s growing nationwide DC fast- charger network to help range anxiety soon be a thing of the past.”

With the majority of vehicle charging occurring at home, the Mustang Mach-E will come equipped with the Ford Mobile Charger that can plug in anywhere with a standard 120-volt outlet or a 240-volt for faster charging.

For customers who want faster home charging for their Mustang Mach-E or who love connected features, the Ford Connected Charge Station home wallbox will be available for purchase, with prices starting at $799 MSRP, excluding taxes.

To buy it, customers will be able to call or visit an electric vehicle-certified Ford dealership to order the home wallbox and have it delivered before their vehicle arrives.

Ford Charging System Availability

Customers will also be able to order the wallbox on and have it delivered ahead of their vehicle – or they can order and finance the home wallbox with a Mustang Mach-E purchase later this year for delivery with the car.

Ford also has teamed up with Amazon Home Services to offer installation of home charging setups later this year. Whether Ford customers need a 240-volt outlet installed for use with the Ford Mobile Charger that comes with their Mustang Mach-E or chooses the Ford Connected Charge Station option, they will be able to see upfront pricing estimates and book and schedule a licensed and vetted electrician online.

Every all-electric Mach-E will come standard with a Ford Mobile Charger, which is capable of charging on a higher-voltage 240-volt electrical outlet.

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