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Audi A7 Is 2019’s Large Car Value Award Winner By Edmunds

The Audi A7, also called the A7 Sportback by some, has been named winner of the large car portion of Edmunds Value winner. The award looks at six months and 60 months to look at projected value and where the vehicle will likely sit.


Audi’s A7 has been named the winner of Edmunds 2019 Best Retained Value Award. The large luxury car award projects the brands and models will likely have the highest residual value five years after its launch. The value is a percentage of the True Market Value® (TMV®). It spans 18 categories, including “Luxury Large Car” which was the category the A7 took.

Thanks To The Redesign A7 Won

“The recent redesign of the Audi A7 propelled it to the top of the list in the luxury large car category of our 2019 Best Retained Value Awards,” Richard Arca, associate director of pricing at Edmunds, said. “A sporty and modern take on traditional luxury, we expect the all-new A7 to hold its value well in the coming years.”

Building on the success of the first generation A7 that combines the spaciousness of a sedan, versatility of a sportback, and the emotional design of a coupe, the A7 has a unique silhouette that is defined by a sloping roofline. The roofline helps to give the A7 its unique character. Improved usability and easy access to areas such as the cargo space define the A7’s style.

Inside, the A7 is a driver’s sedan. The interior focuses on a driver-centric cockpit, featuring the MMI touch response® system. The system features handwriting recognition. It replaces the former rotary dial and conventional buttons with two large, high-resolution touch displays. According to Audi, the A7 is also a testament to the automaker’s headlight display development. There are three headlight systems available for 2019, and the standard LED taillights, equipped with active rear turn signals.

A7 Uses A 3.0-Liter Turbocharged V-6

The A7 uses Audi’s 3.0-liter TFSI® V-6 engine that turns out more torque than the outgoing model. It turns out the added power thanks to a twin-scroll turbocharger that replaces the supercharger. The new powerplant turns out 335 horsepower and it can move from a standing start to 60 in 5.2 seconds. The A7 is also a mild hybrid. The A7 also uses standard steel front and rear suspensions for new driving experiences as the A7’s suspension handles both sporty and comfortable driving.

Edmunds’ residual value projections are based on a computation for each qualifying 2019 model of the average cash True Market Value (TMV®) price over the first five months for such model and the average projected five-year depreciation computed for each of the first twelve months after the launch of such model.

Source: Audi