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Why owners say that Ford Mustang seat belts are too tight

It is a topic that may strike a nerve, the owner of a 2016 Mustang asking what can be done about the “Neck Choker AKA Seat Belt”. The writer named Mario asks “ Curious about anyone else's solution to the dreaded seat belt of the S550. I'm hesitant to get a seat belt pad, because well I've always thought they look corny. But the damn throat-slicing seat belt is about the only thing on my car I don't love.”

While several other drivers commiserated with Mario’s plight, one answered as only a speed demon would, “4 or 5 point harness install out of the realm of possibilities??” Mario replied that he was hoping to avoid the racing harness on his daily driver. But a check of other Mustang forums finds that the problem isn’t new. Other drivers have found the belts too tight on previous models.

A poster named Squadz asked the question a couple of years ago. “Just curious if anyone else is having the same issue of the seat belt being "too tight" or just tightening up way too much. It's fine when I'm not stopping cause I can pull it out a little and give me some breathing room, but when you are stopping it pulls in and ouch lol” Squadz added, “I know other cars carry a "seat belt stopper" so to speak. Anyone know where to get one of these? or if Ford already carries them for the car?”

We even found that a guy named Larry was having the problem on a 2011 model, “I recently purchased a 2011 Mustang V6.. awesome car.. only issue is the the drivers side seat belt is a little tight on my left shoulder.. I am average size and weight.. 6 feet.. 195 lbs. just a little snug.. is there a fix?”

Several people suggested a seat belt adjuster that can work on any vehicle, it is called a Heininger 1027 CommuteMate Seat Belt Strap Adjuster. I checked on and they sell a package of two clips for just over $5 plus shipping.

The owner of a 2013 GT500 weighed in on the idea of the seat belt pad. “Seat belt pads are a must have item. They have memory foam ones at Amazon. I have seat belt extenders also. They change the angle and help quite a bit. They definitely are a pain in the neck.”

The 2015 Mustang did have a small recall for seat belts. That wasn’t because of the fit, a sensor wasn’t calibrated correctly causing the passenger airbag to have the wrong amount of force.

Most seat belts also have a plastic clip on the pillar where you can adjust the angle of the belt so that can improve the comfort. It is important that seat belt fits snugly so you don’t get whiplash in a crash, but we have all had the experience of a belt digging into you. Many auto supply stores also have the seat belt stoppers so you can adjust the fit, just remember not to leave it too loose and endanger your safety.