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Three surprising tricks to know about the 2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

Members of a popular sports car forum are sharing tips about the 2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1. These tips make life with the performance car much easier.

Some like to call tips like these hacks, but I like to think of them as little secrets that only true 2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 lovers like to share. They make life for Camaro owners just a little easier, they make the owner look just a little cooler, and they show some of the great features built into a fabulous car.

What is that little black button for?

A driver who currently has a 2017 Chevrolet Camaro on order starts the conversation. “Did you know that as long as you have your key fob in proximity (the normal situation), you can open your trunk in a third way? Look carefully to the right of the rear backup camera. There is a small black rubber rectangle. Just press it. No need to access the driver's door switch or fumble in your pocket for the key fob.” Ironically, the driver calls himself Ferrari.

Buck already has a ZL1. “Just assumed it had that button on the bumper, since the Corvette does as well.”

An owner, who calls himself Unavailable, says the feature comes in handy. “The trunk button is nice. Mine works with the fob upstairs which is really far away. So I don't know the max distance.”

SDG says that he is glad that he figured it out. “I honestly didn't know about the trunk button until maybe a month's very handy.”

A Texas Camaro owner says that the truck opener works even without the fob. “It works without the key as long as the car is unlocked.” Good to know!

The Fob can control your windows

A driver who calls himself 2017 ZL1 asks, “And the window magic with your fob is ??” This is a fun hack to know about. Android replies, “Hold down your unlock button, remote windows go down, they don't go back up but it's handy walking up to the car at the mall, I can let that heat out before we even get to it.”

This little surprise was news to Soceur. “I love you!!!! didnt”

Another driver was glad to be in on the secret, as well. “Thanks "Android", I DID NOT know that but will find it useful. Appreciate the contribution. Sometimes we may miss some features in this car as we progressively master this techno-beast.”

The Fob also controls the seat positions

This is pretty common for most vehicles, but many owners aren’t exactly sure how it works. Ferrari says, “There is a way to set up your driver's seat so that it will automatically slide back into exit mode when the ignition is off and the door opened. Also the seat memory settings are matched to the specific (1 of 2) key fob that you are using when you set them.” Ferrari knows that you can do it but he doesn’t explain how.

A Texas driver spells it out exactly.

1. Start the car
2. Vehicle settings -> comfort and convenience
3. Turn off easy exit and auto memory recall
4. Adjust seating position (Driver)
5. Press set then 1 till double beep
6. Adjust the seat for preferred easy out
7. Press set the easy exit till double beep
8. Turn on auto memory recall and easy exit

“The fob used to start the vehicle will now have the seating position set when starting the vehicle and easy exit position when the driver door opens. Moreover, Under remote lock unlock you can, Remote Start Auto Cool Seats or Remote Start Auto Heat Seats.”