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The three best polishes to make your 2016 Ford Mustang shine

Car lovers always try to highlight the finishes on their vehicles. Mustang owners debate the best polishes to make a metallic finish shine on a 2016 Ford Mustang.

Any driver loves it when someone admires the finish on their beautiful vehicle. There are dozens of popular waxes and polishes on the market. We wanted to highlight the ones that Ford Mustang owners find outstanding.

The question was raised on a popular Mustang forum. PM owns a 2016 Ford Mustang and asks, “Hello....looking for some advice from all the detailing pros on this forum. I am looking to do a full detail to my 2016 Magnetic Ecoboost and I recall hearing that certain waxes and polishes may be better that others depending on your color. Also, I am looking for something that will really bring out those big metallic flakes in the paint.”

Show car finish

A check of several forums finds that some owners really like a product called P21S Carnauba wax. P21S describes their products on their website. “P21S car care products have been engineered to meet or exceed the demanding standards of the automakers themselves.” They have several types of waxes and promise a show car finish.

Doogan, who has a 2016 GT, says, “I use p21s. It gives a great depth and pop to the metallic. That said, you should be good with any quality wax and if you want a little more depth, put on a second coat.”

Chad, who drives a 2015 Ruby Red Mustang, says, “I really like P21S too! Pro tip, it's the same thing as S100 and you can get S100 for like 9-10 bucks on Amazon.”

Another owner added, “Some people swear by carnauba for black finishes.”

Labra has his own special recipe, for his 2016 Mustang with a Guard metallic finish. “Sonax Perfect Finish on a Rupes Yellow should work great as a 1 step on your paint unless you have some severe paint defects. I used it on my Guard and Matt Moreman (Obsessed Garage) used it on his Magnetic GT350.” Matt Moreman apparently has his own youtube videos on his GT350.

CQuartz also has a full line of detailing and specialty car finishes. Soul has a 2016 Ford Mustang with the Guard metallic paint. He adds, “I did cquartz on my Guard but I think the zaino system I used prior gave a deeper darker shine to the car. You just have to make sure the car is super clean first.”

Chemical Guys is another company with great reviews. This driver from Georgia says, “I like pinnacle sovereign and CG pete's 53 for dark colored Metallics. Neither last very long so I'd do a sealant as well.” CG has a product called Mr. Pink that several of the owners seem to like.

There are many different waxes and finishes available on the market. Meguiars alone, offers a number of different finishes for both owners and professionals. Griot’s Garage, also sells several products promising high-gloss finishes.

Insider’s tips to a perfect finish

Insiders offer their own keys to getting the best results. Never apply the products in direct sunlight. Make sure you wipe off any excess foam or suds. Some even suggest using a leaf blower to make sure that the finish dries quickly, without any streaking.