2016 Camaro SS

Owners of 2016 Chevrolet Camaros are frustrated by air conditioning problems

Several owners of 2016 Chevrolet Camaros say they are being plagued by problems with their air conditioning. Owners from Arizona to Florida are frustrated because the dealers haven't been able to fix the issues.

This has been one of the hottest summers on record, in many areas of the country, and some 2016 Chevrolet Camaro owners are really hot about their air conditioning malfunctioning. PJ first raised the issue, about his 2016 Chevrolet Camaro 1LT, on a popular Camaro site. “I am so disappointed that I felt the need to share. I have had my 6th Gen for 5 weeks now and of that, I've driven it for maybe 3.

The air conditioning randomly goes from blowing cold air to warm, with no reason found to date. The dealership has already replaced a wiring harness and is now in the process of replacing some other parts of the unit. They also managed to chip my door the last time it was there so they are supposed to repair that too. The scary part is they don't seem to know what really is causing the problem.”

Other Camaro drivers affected

PJ is not alone. Once he mentioned, others quickly followed suit. A Florida driver says, “My AC decided to turn off randomly this week for a brief period. Once I was able to come to my destination and turn off the car I turned it back on and it decided to start working. Kinda scary.”

PJ tried turning it off and on. It appeared to work for a time, but what a hassle, driving in the Arizona heat. “It happened to me pretty much daily. And every time I would have to restart the car and it would go back to blowing cold air. I just got the car back and they replaced an hvac sensor this time. We'll see if that does the trick. They also repainted my door. Overall I'm not happy with the dealership and will not be buying another car from there, ever. Here's hoping it's finally fixed and I can enjoy the car finally!”

PJ’s happiness was short-lived. “Just an update, the dealer replaced the HVAC control module and it worked ok for about a week. Now it's back to going out every day. Car is back in the shop again for the 4th attempt to repair. It also seems like the dealer is doing everything possible to not tear apart the dash to get at the HVAC wire harness. I have a feeling that will need to be the next step though. So much for a "new" car.”

PJ’s saga continued. “Latest update: the dealer actually got the AC issue to happen while hooked up to their computers. They will need to replace the HVAC temp actuator on the left side of the system. This is the part that they thought it was to start with but GM tech told them it wasn't...go figure.”

In the meantime, several other owners say they are having the same issues and frustrations with having the fixes repeatedly fail. Skydiver, from Virginia, says, “.I test drove a Camaro 1SS and had the A/C problem. Left that dealer and went to another a week later. Picked up a different SS last Saturday. Had it less than a day and had to take it back with A/C issues. They replaced an actuator (so they said). A/C was working nice n cold, drove off and by that evening, I was back at the dealer. Same issue; compressor will not come on at all. Driving around in a loaner.”

Jay, from Columbus, adds, “I'm not sure how prevalent this issue was but I came here to post this exact problem. My a/c cuts out all the time. I was waiting for a tsb or something to come out before I brought it in.”

PJ posted another update. “GM told my dealership techs the dash would need to come out. Luckily it did not and they were able to replace the actuator without tearing anything apart. I mentioned in another post that I suspect this is going to become a well known issue as the actuators seem to be cheap and failing. I've had my car back for a little over a month and everything has been working fine. But I fully expect it to happen again at some point. Hopefully by now GM should have some case knowledge on this issue and be able to get to the root cause faster for anyone affected.”

And drivers are still affected. Just today, another driver posted, from California, where the weather has been crazy hot. G writes, “My 2016 2SS has the same problem. We've been having 103-112 days here and I have found the passenger side center and dash vents blow hot air with the AC on. I've tried restarting the car and that worked once. Now it does it overtime we really need the ac. Hot air from the right vents!”

I have not been able to find any TSBs about the air conditioning problem on the 2016 Chevrolet Camaros. I have written at length about problems with the air conditioning on 2014 Chevrolet Silverados and GMC Sierras. In the trucks, the condensers have been failing and it is an expensive fix, usually over $1000. In those cases, drivers have been told that there will not be a recall. Recalls are apparently only required for safety issues and air conditioning is considered a comfort issue.

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I have a 2016 Camaro 2SS with the exact same air conditioning problems. I printed this article out and took it to the dealership. They told me this article means nothing to them. They could not find the problem. I took it back again 1 week later....same results. I am now going to trade it in on a new Corvette. Bottom line is this, if the "shop computer" does not show a problem you are toast.
My friend's car had the same issue. The problem comes from the blend door. The dealer charges 3,000 to 3,500 plus tax to replace the blend door. This repair consist of removing the entire dash board and windshield. I have done this repair without removing the dash board or the windshield. Anyone in the Georgia area looking for this repair for 1/3 of the stealership price, feel free to contact me.
I am having this same issue. The temp door or actuator - whatever its called is broken and they need to remove my dashboard and windshield. they are also stating if they shatter my windshield, I will have to pay for another one (you'd think they would replace it if it broke while with them for repairs!!!). Where are you located. I am in the Cartersville area. If not your part of GA, can you recommend someone close to me?
Would like to know how u fixed it without taking the dash out
Please let me know the details my car has been in the shop for 2 weeks went from 450 evaprator valve to a 1000 for compressor now the tell me the flap door another 1500 on top of other parts not going to pay that uugghh
Having this same issue with my 2016 camaro. Dealership and local shops are all saying the dash needs to be removed and will cost at least $2k... if you can beat that please reply!
Hey, I can do that job for half the price and without removing the dashboard or any panels. I live in savannah Georgia.
First I want to mention that I spent 30 plus yrs as a dealer tech but back to the issue at hand. 2013 Camaro temp control doesen,t respond. and it goes off and on.along with radio .Ok if diag reveals. Actuator or blend door do you have a detail ed. Instructions on a shortcut ?
I purchased a 2016 Camaro December 2016. I am having the exact same issue with the air conditioner. I plan to take it in for service this week.
I have a month old 2018 and I am having the same issue. Will be taking it to the dealership tomorrow.
I have had this same problem about a month after purchasing my 2017. I'd talked with the dealership and say "they had never heard of the problem". The passenger side will blow opposite temperature of the driver. Sometimes you could manipulate the temperature and it would work fine, but it would do it at random times and for different lengths of time. It was very hard to explain to the dealership for them to understand. Could never get it to act up while at the dealership until one day it lasted long enough for me to take it in immediately and they witnessed the temperature changes without touching the controls. So I have an appointment scheduled to drop it off on March 1, 2018. We'll see how this get resolved.
2013 camaro lt1 convertible they replaced all parts twice in last 18 months and a.c. stopped working again !! This is beyond ridiculous -
I'm having issues with my Ac on my 2016 Chevy camaro ss. Same issue hot on the driver side and cold on the passenger side, been to the dealership twice and still cant fix it..ugh
2015 camaro...blend door actuator went out, dealer did not want to fix, but did around 19k miles...they had to take out the windshield and dash to fix. I'm now at 25k, it happened again, he at does not blow hot, ac is not cold. It's at the gm dealership now
I have a 2016 and the same thing happened to mine except it cause the compressor to seize up and stop the belt which in turn shut my car down while driving on a very busy road. I couldn’t even turn the hazard lights on. Had to push it with NO power steering into a parking lot until I could finally get it to start. Dealer wants 1400 to replace compressor and belt since I’m over on miles. Wouldn’t this be considered a safety issue and shouldn’t it result in a recall?