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The Mustang Owner's Club announces an opening date for its Museum

The Mustang Owner's Club is planning to open its museum next April. They are finalizing plans for a national gathering, track day and museum grand opening.

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Update: The Mustang Owner's Museum is relocating: Find out the new location of the Mustang Owner's Museum in this article by Jimmy Dinsmore.

The Mustang Owner’s Club is going public with its plans to open a national museum dedicated to the iconic pony car. There is no question that the Ford Mustang changed the way America looked at performance cars and the Mustang is still one of the top sellers today.

The Mustang Owner’s Museum will be located in a 42,500 sq. ft. building, about a mile north of the Charlotte Motor Speedway, in Concord, North Carolina. The building supposedly can hold nearly fifty vehicles, with 100 parking spaces outside. According to the information released, there is space nearby to park another 500 vehicles. No official word yet from Ford Motor Company about the planned museum or its North Carolina location. Ford is headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan.

The Mustang Owner’s Club is already planning several grand opening events to coincide with National Mustang Day, which is April 17th, the date that the original 1964 ½ Ford Mustang debuted.

Members of the Mustang Owner’s Club will have private celebrations, April12-15, 2018. According to the Club, “By having the “Member Reveal” first, the Museum Members will have the first opportunity to come to the Museum. Their feedback will help improve the Museum for the Grand Opening.”

In addition, “The evening activities planned for the Member Reveal include, Thursday Night Welcome Party-off site, Hall ofFame Induction Dinner at the Museum on Friday Evening, and Saturday Night Banquet at the Museum.”

The Mustang Owner’s Club will mark National Mustang Day with events at the museum as well as an organized cruise to nearby Kannapolis, N.C.

The official grand opening for the museum will be on April 19, 2018. Organizers are planning to have special guests but nothing is being announced at this time. Most notably, there is no mention of participation from Ford Motor Company or Shelby. When Mustang Clubs organized 50th anniversary activities, Ford sent a number of priceless Mustang concepts and vehicles for displays, as well as noted historians to speak about the importance of the vehicle that really made sports cars affordable. The Ford Mustang is still one of the top selling nameplates and is highly collectible. Shelby hosted events and featured tours of its museum, in Las Vegas, as part of the festivities.

The Owner’s Club is planning a “Celebrity Night” at the Museum, but no word on who the headliners may be.

The Mustang Owner’s Club is selling personalized bricks to help pay for the museum. For more information on participating in the grand opening activities, check out

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