Jeep teaming up with onX to improve off-roading experience
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Jeep Wants to Make Off-Roading in Your 2021 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Even More Fun

Jeep is teaming up with an off-road mapping app to make adventures in any 2021 Jeep safer and more fun!

Jeep is already revered for its off-roading performance, especially in its legendary 2021 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. Now Jeep is teaming up with an off-road navigation app to improve adventures for 2021 Jeep owners. Jeep will provide all 2021 Jeep owners with a free six-month trial to onX Offroad Elite so owners can feel more confident while out exploring.

Who Can Try the Off-Roading App Free

To qualify for the elite access to onX Offroad, owners must have a 2021 model year Jeep and the Jeep Wave customer care program.

The onX Offroad App should give drivers an extra sense of security, having access to a navigation program that has mapped 550,000 trail miles and 500,000 recreation points. Unlike regular navigation sites, onX Offroad Elite specializes in pointing out scenic areas, hiking trails, camp grounds and remote fueling areas. Most importantly, it assesses the difficulty of different trails and helps even beginners decide what their destinations should be. Reliable offline maps and photos give users the freedom to explore even when they are out of cellphone service.There is also a feature that allows users to share locations with friends.

“It’s in the DNA of every Jeep brand vehicle and its owner to want to go off-road in pursuit of adventure. Together, the Jeep brand and onX Offroad now make it easier and more accessible for our customers, whether they are expert Jeep vehicle enthusiasts or new Jeep 4x4 owners ready for their first off-road experience, to go out onto the trails,” said Jim Morrison, vice president, Jeep brand North America, Stellantis. “This relationship with onX Offroad gives our owners, especially those who may need a bit more confidence to turn onto the trail, another highly efficient tool to live the dreams that have become synonymous with Jeep 4x4 ownership.”

“I’ve been a Jeep 4x4 owner for 17 years,” said Rory Edwards, onX Offroad general manager. “With onX Offroad, I can confidently put my Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon to the test, navigating my favorite trails, and discovering new ones–from Blacktail Wild Bill in Montana to Pritchett Canyon in Moab. We’re excited to empower other Jeep 4x4 owners with the same confidence and freedom to go where they’ve always wanted to explore. They just need to hop in their Jeep 4x4, plug in their onX Offroad App, and go.”

No Obligation for 2021 Jeep Owners

At the end of the free trial, Jeep owners can decide if they want to subscribe to onX Offroad Premium for $29.99 a year or the upgraded onX Offroad Elite for $99.99 a year. There is no obligation to continue with onX, but true off-roaders may find that they love the added information.

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