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General Motors Makes Finding the Perfect Used Chevrolet Silverado Easier

GM is creating its own online used vehicle website. The site called CarBravo will compete with other online retailers but offer special GM features. Buyers will be able to find their perfect vehicle from nearly 4000 participating GM dealers.

General Motors is looking to cash in on the online used vehicle market. It is launching CarBravo, the company’s own online marketplace. Upstarts like Vroom and Carvana have been surprisingly successful. The COVID pandemic changed the way consumers shopped for everything, including cars and trucks. GM is looking to capitalize on the vehicles it has available in its huge inventory as well as its dealer network. Starting next spring, potential buyers would be able to browse vehicles like popular Chevrolet Silverados, available throughout the United States. GM is hoping to recruit nearly 4000 dealers to participate in the program.

“CarBravo will give customers more choice and access to shop significantly expanded inventories of both the dealer and a national central stock of GM used vehicles. Importantly, the program features will also be offered on non-GM used vehicles,” said Steve Carlisle, GM executive vice president and president of GM North America, “CarBravo is designed to provide customers the convenience to shop how they want, where they want – online, at the dealership or both.”

CarBravo GM Benefits

All of the vehicles offered through CarBravo would be inspected and have to meet standards set by GM. The website would offer potential buyers the opportunity to see dealership pricing. They could also see vehicle history reports to find out about past accidents. The potential buyer could also see 360-degree views of the vehicle. Much like CarMax, customers could sell their vehicles to CarBravo, even if they don’t buy a car or truck.

GM plans to make available many of the vehicles that are turned in on leases. It could also sell non-GM makes and models that could have been turned back in to GM Financial. It is recruiting Buick, Chevrolet and GMC dealers to join the effort. Used vehicles like Chevrolet Silverados and GMC Sierras are selling at a premium right now because the semi-conductor chip shortages have reduced the number of new vehicles being made. Some used trucks coming off lease are selling for more than the original sticker price. A recent study found that the average price for a used vehicle is currently at an all-time high.

CarBravo Vehicles to Carry Warranties

CarBravo vehicles will have standard warranty coverage on all vehicles. Plus, GM plans to offer trials of OnStar and SiriusXM on vehicles sold through CarBravo. CarBravo can make at home test drives and deliveries available through GM’s huge dealer network. Plus, I’m sure that the dealerships could offer service specials to further attract potential online buyers. CarBravo will have only used vehicles initially, but could eventually sell new cars and trucks.

“Used vehicles are a significant part of our business,” said Todd Ingersoll, dealer principal of Ingersoll Auto in Danbury, Connecticut, whose dealership participated in the CarBravo pilot. “We are excited to join GM in exceeding our customers’ expectations and continuing to provide a world-class experience.”

General Motors has the opportunity to offer a huge number of cars and trucks through one online site. If there is a particular model that a buyer wants, like a certain 2020 Chevrolet Silverado, what better place to find it than through a General Motors clearing house website?

Dealer enrollment is open now. The launch of the CarBravo website is expected to begin in spring 2022.

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