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Drivers describe the best wiper blades for the Ford F-150

The weather will be turning throughout the country shortly and drivers are starting to think about preparing for the rainy or snowy weather. As people think about winterizing their vehicles, pickup owners are talking about what are the best wiper blades for the Ford F-150.

Not only is the F-150 the most popular vehicle sold in the U.S., it is a workhorse, used in construction, farming and landscaping. It is out in all types of weather conditions and drivers are picky about what makes the best wiper blades for the F-150. Any car or truck needs good wipers. No one wants smearing or skipping. They need to be long lasting and hold up, especially in dreadful weather.

People posting on an F-150 Facebook page have strong opinions about what makes a great wiper.
One driver, Brandon S., likes a specific combination. “ I can’t stand a dirty windshield. I use rain x blades, rain x washer fluid, and rain x glass cleaner and all that combined works beautifully.”

Some drivers, from Florida, say that the OEMs supply the best wiper blades for the F-150, but they say the secret is treating the windshield with a packet of Aquapel. Orlando B. says “It lasts about 2 months with all the afternoon rain and makes the wipers work great.”

Aquapel, like Rain X, is a water repellant. On its website it promises to bond with the glass to make it easier to clear ice, snow and even dirt. It also says that it reduces glare at night in the rain or winter weather.

The majority of people responding to the question about the best wiper blades for the F-150 like the Bosch Icon blades. Keith G. says “It’s what came with my new ’14. I won’t put anything else on my vehicles.” Rob V. adds “Bosch Icon, hands down.”

Kris T. says “I ran Bosch Icons on my Silverado. I loved them (4 pairs between 82k to 196kmiles) they would have lasted longer but Illinois winters are hard on wipers.”

I personally run Bosch Icons on my Ford Explorer. I never thought the brand made much of a difference until I tried these. Colorado doesn’t see a lot of rain but we get plenty of snow and the Icons have lasted longer than any others that I have tried. I haven’t had any weird skipping (usually right where you need to see), and no annoying noise from grabbing. I know that people hate replacing wiper blades, but having efficient ones can be a life saver.


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