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Dodge Now Celebrates The Releasing of Huge-Sized Engines

Dodge Direct Connections will sell huge Hellephant 6.2L engines to turn vehicles into muscle cars and racers.

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Dodge is unveiling a new set of supercharged crate engines to provide over 1,000 horsepower to Dodge Chargers and Challengers. Direct Connection, Dodge’s Performance Parts division, is releasing several high-powered crate engines early next year. One engine is the very same powerplant that is featured in the incredible 1,025-horsepower Dodge Challenger SRT 170. Besides treating us with several new engines, Dodge is offering an additional treat. Direct Connection is offering up to $1,000 off the purchase price of a Direct Connection Crate Engine at participating Dodge Power Brokers dealers through the end of 2023.

Direct Connections New Engines 

  • Hellephant C170 6.2L Supercharged Crate HEMI Engine Available Q1 2024
  • Hellephant C170 6.2L Supercharged Crate HEMI Long Block
  • Hellcrate Redeye 6.2L Supercharged Crate HEMI Long Block
  • Hellcrate 6.2L Supercharged Crate HEMI Long Block
  • 392 Crate HEMI Long Block
  • 345 Crate HEMI Long Block
  • HurriCrate Cat 3 Long Block
  • HurriCrate Cat 1 Long Block

The second edition of Direct Connection parts catalog, with updated information on all of the new Direct Connection engines is available for digital download starting today at The catalog includes all of the specifications on the Long Blocks and the other Crate engines. Customers can also call the Direct Connection Tech Line (800-998-1110) to find the nearest participating Dodge Power Brokers dealer.



“The Dodge Direct Connection portfolio continues to expand since its relaunch in March 2022,” said Tim Kuniskis, Dodge brand chief executive officer – Stellantis. “New Direct Connection Long Blocks, as well as the availability of the Direct Connection C170 Crate Engine in early 2024, join new initiatives recently announced, such as more than 20 new co-branded premium car detailing and car wash products under the Direct Connection/Jay Leno’s Garage banner. Even more growth for Direct Connection is in store for 2024.”

Expensive But Powerful New Engines

The most expensive of the new crate engines is the Hellephant C170 6.2L Supercharged Crate HEMI Engine (part number: 68660541AA). It is the heart of the world's most powerful muscle car ever built, the Dodge Challenger SRT 170. The fully assembled Hellephant C170 6.2L Supercharged Crate HEMI Engine includes the C170 Long Block and features a new 3.0L IHI supercharger. MSRP: $27,695.

The second most expensive crate engine is the Hellephant C170 6.2L Supercharged Crate HEMI Long Block (part number: P5160620AA) includes upgrades to optimize cylinder pressure capability and to deliver maximum performance on premium or E85 fuel configurations. Capable of 1,025 horsepower at 6,500 rpm and 945 lb.-ft. of torque at 4,200 rpm on E85 ethanol blend. MSRP: $18,995.

The other crate engines can provide up to 807 horsepower for smaller price tags. For complete information and specifications on Direct Connection Long Blocks and Crate Engines, visit


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