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Chevrolet's Holiday Ad Shows How Vehicles Like the 1972 Suburban Play a Huge Role in Great Memories

As people prepare for the holidays, Chevrolet reminds us that their vehicles, old and new, are part of nearly everyone's best memories.

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This year’s Chevrolet holiday ad is sure to provoke lots of holiday memories. It centers around a woman who has memory issues, her granddaughter and a classic 1972 Chevrolet Suburban. There are lots of other new Chevy’s in the ad, but the focus is clear. Chevrolet plays a role in nearly everyone’s best memories. Chevrolet intends to play a role in new memories as well.

Chevrolet’s ‘A Holiday to Remember’

The ad shows a young woman taking her grandmother for a ride in her family’s classic Chevrolet Suburban. She drives her grandmother past her old home, her high school and to an outdoor theater. We called them drive-ins. She is able to remind her grandmother of key events in her life by using the vehicle. The ad is sure to become a classic, just like the Suburban featured in it.

Chevrolet’s Tradition of Holiday Advertisements


As I reported last year at this time, last year’s holiday ad was about preserving the old and embracing the new. A woman named Mrs. Hayes was having trouble getting her beautiful 1957 Nomad station wagon to start, while a man is charging his 2024 Blazer EV nearby. Through flashbacks we see that the woman was a young bride in the same car and lost her husband in the military. In the flashbacks, we see her washing her car when a young neighbor boy, named Billy, accidentally hits the car with a ball while playing. It shows Mrs. Hayes teaching the youngster how to change the air filter and work on the car. It is Billy who comes to Mrs. Hayes' rescue, not only giving her a ride in his new Blazer EV, but also fixing her Nomad.

Chevrolet Photo

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Aaron (not verified)    February 17, 2024 - 8:27AM

Please don't compare this beautiful video about the historic, honest Suburban to some piece of propaganda trying to scam us into EVs. And don't misrepresent that propaganda as if it were something inspiring and uplifting like "embracing the new." EVs are a rip-off designed to get more money out of us for less quality, and less quality of life. Suburbans are beautiful, confident, loyal vehicles that have touched the lives of countless, honest-to-goodness, real people over the last 90 years, and counting. The difference between this ad and that one is the EV is lie. The Suburban is real.