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Chevrolet is Recalling the 2020 Corvette Because the Hood Can Fly Open

Chevrolet's stunning mid-engine Corvette is being recalled because the hood can come open while the vehicle is being driven.

Chevrolet is issuing a recall for its popular 2020 Chevrolet mid-engine Corvette because the car’s hood can fly open while driving. Technically, the compartment is known as the front trunk, which Corvette owners call the frunk. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration has received complaints that the hood or frunk has come open while people are driving. The issue could cause the driver to not be able to see to navigate the vehicle.

Vehicle Flaw or Operator Error?

Chevrolet has suggested that the problem is being caused by the drivers either not closing the hood correctly or accidentally pressing the keyfob and opening the hood. The driver apparently doesn’t see the dashboard warning light that the hood isn’t closed or hear the warning chime or doesn’t know what the signals mean until the hood comes open. The dashboard also has a warning that says the vehicle’s speed is limited to under 82 mph if the hood is unlatched.

How Chevrolet Will Fix the Problem

Chevrolet is working on a software fix to reduce the vehicle’s maximum speed to 26 mph, if the hood isn’t latched properly. That will definitely get the driver’s attention. Plus, Chevy wants to change the keyfob and the interior hood button to prevent the driver from accidentally unlatching the hood.

Chevrolet will be notifying the owners of the affected Corvettes about the recall soon. Unfortunately, GM hasn’t completed the software fix, yet, so there is no timetable on when owners can get their Corvettes fixed.
Chevrolet dealers have been notified of the safety recall which is N202311160. Dealers are also being told not deliver any of the 2020 Chevrolet Corvettes on their lots until they can be fixed.

Second Recall Affecting 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Front Trunk

There is also a second recall affecting the front trunk or frunk on the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette. There is a danger that a small person or child could get trapped inside the front trunk. Apparently, the Corvettes go into a sleep mode ten minutes after powering off. The trunk lid release button located inside the front trunk may not work correctly. If the trunk lid is left open, a small person or child who climbs inside the front trunk compartment and closes the trunk lid while inside may not be able to get out without assistance, increasing the risk of injury. All vehicles are supposed to have a trunk release button inside the trunk, so no one can get trapped.

This is recall N202309350 and Chevrolet already has a fix for this issue. GM will update the software in the vehicles’ Body Control Module (BCM) to lower the voltage required to wake the vehicle from the low-power “sleep” mode. This will allow the interior trunk release button to function while the vehicle is in sleep mode. Owners can get the software fix using wireless over-the-air (OTA) technology or the owners can take their vehicles to their dealers.

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Stevecro (not verified)    August 22, 2020 - 2:31AM

limited to 82mph (130kph) if the hood is showing "unlatched"? Which bright spark allowed those parameters to happen? Should have been 26mph (40kph) from inception, surely

Miki g (not verified)    May 10, 2021 - 8:10PM

I have 2016 z51 corvette hatch won’t work with key fob. I had to charge my battery any thoughts I need oil change so will have Chevy dealer look at it . Thanks