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Cher's Hot Pink Custom 1966 Ford Mustang Up For Auction

Cher's 1966 Ford Mustang was highly customized and is sure to turn heads. It will cross the Barrett-Jackson Auction block in Scottsdale.

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While everyone is anxious to see the latest 2018 Ford Mustang that will be an instant classic, Barrett-Jackson is soon to auction an incredible 1966 Ford Mustang that was customized for Cher, as well as another vehicle that was customized for her husband and singing partner, Sonny Bono.

Barrett-Jackson describes the vehicles in its listing this way, “Their enthusiasm and vitality embodied the growing youth culture, a phenomenon that Ford captured with its Mustang in 1964. Ford blended the two by pulling two 1966 Mustang Convertibles with nearly consecutive serial numbers from the San Jose assembly line for Sonny & Cher, giving them to George Barris, the legendary "King of Kustomizers," to personalize reflecting the onstage personas of Sonny & Cher.

The 1966 Ford Mustangs were factory-equipped with powertrains consisting of the proven 289ci small-block V8 engine, as well as a C4 automatic transmission. George Barris was known for being “over-the-top” with his designs and it is clear from the pictures and descriptions that the plan for Cher’s vehicle was to match her flamboyant stage persona. Cher’s 1966 Mustang features Hot Pink Pearl paint, blended with Candy Red. According to the lot listing, the car features 40 coats of lacquer paint, which was a George Barris trademark. The already flashy vehicle has dark red suede side panels.

The interior of the vehicle is even more outrageous, with white ermine fur upholstery, trimmed in hot pink suede. The interior also features 3” Mouton fur carpeting in hot pink.

Once you get past the flashy and opulent trim, you might notice that the 1966 Ford Mustang has dramatically flared wheel wells and simulated hood scoops. The Barris techs added rectangular headlights and even wide Ford Thunderbird taillights. Cher’s 1966 Mustang is being sold with Sonny’s custom designed Mustang as well. Sonny’s Mustang is similarly tricked out but looks almost tame by comparison. His is tan and features dark brown suede side panels. The interior is “upholstered with bobcat fur and antique buff leather trimmed with rustic suede.”

The listing does not explain where the vehicles have been for the last fifty years or who is actually selling them. Sonny and Cher divorced in 1974. He was killed in a skiing accident in 1998. George Barris died in 2015.

According to Barrett-Jackson, “These Mustangs show very low mileage, and their restorations were fully and enthusiastically endorsed by George Barris. Comes with an extensive collection of Sonny & Cher memorabilia. **SOLD AS A PAIR WITH LOT #1089**”.
The annual Barrett-Jackson Auction will be in Scottsdale, Arizona, January 13-21.

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