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2016 Ford F-150 owners debate the best floor mats

Now that wintry weather is moving in through out the United States, drivers of 2015 and 2016 Ford F-150s are trying to determine the best floor mats for fit, coverage and wear.

I don’t know why drivers wait until the wintry weather moves in to worry about floor mats, I guess it is just their nature to procrastinate. One of the hottest topics right now on a Ford F-150 forum is asking, “What is the best floor mat for a 2015 or 2016 Ford F-150?”

The Ford F-series has been the best-selling vehicle for decades and drivers are very opinionated about what seems to work the best. A vendor is the first to answer, “The Husky X-Acts are amazing mats on par with Weather Tech top of the line. The Huskys are going to cost less and get to you faster then the WT.”

Husky apparently has two well-known offerings, the X-acts and the WeatherBeaters. The X-acts are more expensive but cheaper than the WeatherTechs. The interesting new design is a full panel than covers the entire floor of the back seat. No more little mats that slide around and allow dirt to get everywhere.

“Another vote for Husky E-Act. Had WT's on last truck. IMO, Husky's are a big improvement.” It is amazing to me how many drivers have tried different companies over the years. Stan says “Had the Weathertech mats in the 350. they were great. Got the Husky Xact fit for the 150. I like them because I think they're a better looking mat and have a similar function.

A driver from Georgia figures that Ford knows best. He says, “I bought the F-150 OEM tray style "all weather" floor mats, I like them!!”

Not everyone is thrilled with the Husky X-act liners. A driver who calls himself Goat says the fit isn’t right. “Okay, just received my x-act front mats. love the mats, great looking! Fit is only okay though. There is a small 1/2" to 1" gap on the console side. i could probably push it over but that would mean not using the 'locking pin' for holding the mat in place. which brings me to the next problem; both 'locking pins' do not work with this mat-only the one closest to the door.” Now that would drive me crazy!

Another drawback for the Husky’s is that right now, they only come in one color. “If they had them in tan I would have tried them, but the only color choice being black was a deal breaker for me.”

Mike from Pennsylvania throws another option into the mix. “I have the 3D Maxxpider Mats and I love them. I purchased them in my wifes SUV first and we liked them so much that they were the first thing I purchased for the truck.”

Todd from St. Louis weighed in, “My Husky WB, arrived today! These are way better than the oem rubber and carpet mats, my truck came with!Love the coverage, and slop protection.”

An Oklahoma driver is dedicated to WeatherTech. “Nothing but Weathertech in the last four (4) F150's. I even put a Weathertech Liner in the trunk of my Shelby GT500.”

And there is yet another vote for the 3D Maxpider mats. “I got these this time around, just wanted something different. The fronts off good coverage, no really areas or slots for tons of snow to build but they are an awesome material and have a lip to run off like weathertechs. I got the whole set for $163 on Amazon. The backs are amazing to me. One giant mat that goes up to front seats and all the way under the rears. Corners are perfectly designed and hug the seat frames on all of them. The backs of the mats have a backing similar to loose Velcro and grip the floors great. Driver side has snap ins.”

While much of the debate centers on personal preference, I think the big take-away is that you should definitely have some type of mat to protect the interior of your vehicle. Some prefer the carpet style, others like the harder rubber or plastic. Coverage and fit are important, especially if you want to keep your 2015 or 2016 Ford F-150 looking like it is just off the showroom floor.