2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Where is the U.S.-Spec Mercedes-Benz C-Class Diesel?

Mercedes-Benz was planning to introduce a diesel engine for the U.S.-market C-Class earlier this year. But nothing has appeared. What is going on?

Automotive News (Subscription Required) decided to get to the bottom of this story and found out that the company is making plans to launch the C-Class diesel sometime next year.

“The latest plan is sometime in 2017 (mid-2017 is a reasonable estimate, not firm), but this is certainly subject to change,” said Rob Moran, a spokesman for Mercedes-Benz.

Why the long wait? It comes down to the EPA putting more scrutiny into emission tests for diesel vehicles after it was found out that Volkswagen was using illegal software to cheat. Mercedes-Benz isn't the only the automaker dealing with this. A few weeks ago, it was reported that BMW isn't able to sell their diesel vehicles as they are still undergoing EPA tests.

It is expected that Mercedes will also launch diesel versions of the GLC and GLS SUVs sometime in 2017.

Pic Credit: Mercedes-Benz

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