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Maserati Promises Plug-In Levante Hybrid Will Be Fun To Drive

Maserati and hybrid may seem to go as well as oil and water. But the Italian automaker is making a big promise when it comes to their first one.
Posted: June 5, 2017 - 8:41AM
Author: Will Maley

Last year, the automaker announced that it would be launching a plug-in hybrid version of their Levante crossover. Given the small amount of models they are expected to sell (around 10 percent or so), it is expected to borrow parts from the Chrysler Pacifica plug-in hybrid. This might make some wonder if this will be somewhat boring to drive, despite a number of supercars turning to hybrid powertrains to boost power.

“If it will be a Maserati — Maserati means many things. One of these things is the pleasure of driving. If we can deliver with hybrid technology or electric technology the same feeling that you can deliver with the current product range, why not,” said Umberto Cini, Maserati's head of overseas markets to CarAdvice.

“In any case, there will be something already developed in that direction.”

Whether the end result is fun to drive or not remains to be seen, but Cini's comments do give us some hope.

Pic Credit: Newspress USA