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Maserati Delays the Alfieri (Again!)

In news that will not shock anyone who has been keeping track of Maserati's perils, the Alfieri coupe has been pushed back again.
Posted: October 19, 2016 - 4:13PM
Author: Will Maley


Autocar reports that the Alfieri has been pushed back to 2020 - at the earliest - as Maserati changes up their product plans again.

“The Granturismo and Grancabrio will not be dropped. “We won’t forget that Maserati is very well known in its history for beautiful 2+2 GT cars and we will replace them, then the Alfieri,” said Giulio Pastore, general manager of Maserati Europe.

No reason was given as to why Maserati has moved the replacements for the Granturismo and Grancabrio ahead of the Alfieri. A possible reason is the Grandturismo and Grancabrio are getting up there in age. Pastore went on to say that key decisions for the design and platform of the Alfieri are still being worked out.

It seems only a short time ago that Maserati was showing off the Alfieri concept at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. A short time after this, reports came out that Maserati was going forward with a production model in 2016. But like its sister brand Alfa Romeo, Maserati has been experiencing a number of delays on their upcoming vehicles - the Alfieri no exception to this. Previous reports have said the Alfieri would be heading into production in 2018, partly due to the Chinese auto market seeing a slowdown in sales.

Pic Credit: Maserati