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2017 Smart ForTwo Cabrio Holds Cheapest Convertible in the U.S. Title

Want a convertible, but don't have much cash to spend on it? Smart has the vehicle for you.
Posted: June 30, 2016 - 9:01AM
Author: Will Maley


This fall will see Smart introduce the fortwo cabrio which will begin at $18,900 (doesn't include a $750 destination charge). This nets you the base Passion trim with a five-speed manual transmission. If you want an automatic, that will cost an extra $1,080. We don't know how much higher trims will cost at this time.

The new cabrio features a turbocharged 0.9L three-cylinder with 89 horsepower and 100 pound-feet of torque. The run to 60 mph takes about 10.4 seconds. Interestingly, this is faster than how long it takes for the convertible top to be opened or closed (about 12 seconds). The smart fortwo cabrio will offer buyers a variety of customization options including the choice of either red or black soft top.

Pic Credit: Mercedes-Benz