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Jaguar ownership makes you part of an exclusive family

Few automobiles can stir up the passion and excitement that Jaguar does and owning one punches your ticket into this luxury automobile group.

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The rich and storied history of the automobile known as Jaguar is unlike most other cars on the road today; most of them do not pose the power to change the mindset of the owner. As soon as you purchase your first Jaguar you become instant members of the exclusive club and you may not even know it at first. Then you begin to notice other Jaguar owners are drawn to you and want to talk cars with you. Slowly you start to notice other Jaguar owners at work, the golf course, or the club and they seem to share in the same things that excite you and you have an immediate bond.

Every time you go for a drive you are constantly looking for other Jaguar models on the road and you begin to quickly distinguish each of the various models. You suddenly can spot the current cars from the classics- and speaking of classics, the enthusiast who drive the older vintage models (E-Type, XJ’s, and XK’s) are eager to talk about your new F-Type or XFR. The generation gap is torn down due to the common ground of being a Jaguar owner and you find yourself having a meaningful conversation with guy’s years older than you.

You just thought you were buying a nice new British sports car or sedan and suddenly you are part of a family full of passionate drivers who are active on car forums, members of local car clubs, posting on Facebook pages, and a member of Twitter pages devoted exclusively to Jaguar. You just have to make a decision if you want to just drive your Jaguar from point A to point B, or if you will jump in and embrace this new found club. I bet you will find that it’s more fun than you ever thought you could have by merely owning a car. So check out the social media frenzy that is as popular as any automobile out there and just type in “Jaguar” and see how much fun it can be to join up and start posting. Share your story or chime in the technical discussions if that’s your forte, either way you won’t regret it.

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