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Your first experience at owning a Jaguar

Everyone remembers the first car you ever owned because it gave you a new found freedom, the ability to go where you wanted- but was the first Jaguar you owned a good or bad experience?


Jaguar is known for building luxury automobiles that are deeply rooted in racing history with a long line of prestigious sports cars, but chances are your first experience in a Jaguar was not perfect. Most people will never forget that first taste of freedom they enjoyed when they got their own set of wheels; the ability to drive anywhere and do it whenever you so desired is the feeling that your first car brings. However, for some of you (including me), your first set of wheels might not have been a fine automobile. Mine was a 1979 Volkswagen Scirocco and it was approximately 7 years old when we purchased it. Let’s just say it had its issues and quickly became problematic.

Now if you are reading my articles then most likely you are an avid fan of the Jaguar automobile and I bet you have owned more than just one in your lifetime so far. However, your first Jaguar had to be a memorable one that is forever etched in your memory and as you are reading this you can’t help but think of the good and bad times you spent driving it. Most likely you purchased your first Jaguar later in life after you had earned your way to a successful career. You may have even rewarded yourself with the luxury car you had always dreamed of or the performance sports car you wished for in your younger days. Whenever it was, that first experience behind the wheel was hopefully full of good times and fond memories.

For some of you the experience of that first Jaguar might not have been the “pie in the sky” pleasure trip I have described, but more of a nightmare plagued with mechanical and electrical issues. It may have kept you sidelined in the shop more than you were on the open road, so for you the first Jaguar was not the stuff legends are made of.

As it does with many unsuspecting fans, if the Jaguar fever grabbed you, then the first one was not your last and today you may own more than one! The passion of most Jaguar owners runs deep with tradition and stirs up the iconic E-Type and other legendary motorcars of the past. Owning a Jaguar ushers you into an elite family and it’s just something you never grow out of. The leaping cat draws you in like an addiction and you become an avid fan, then the new F-Type’s jaw dropping good looks keeps you for life!

Please share your first Jaguar story with us below and let us know if it became a lifelong passion for you.

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Ron Goddard (not verified)    December 14, 2014 - 5:59PM

The year was 1977, 3 years after passing my test. I was also into my 3rd year of 36 working for Vauxhall in Luton, bedfordhire. I decided to sell my Vauxhall Viva and look for a Jaguar. The XJ6 had long caught my eye, it didnt take me long to find a 1970 daimler NCE 700H, a 2.8 finished in powder blue.

Things did not start well, with a lady running into me the first day I got it! Needed a new wing and bumper. Insurance sorted that out, so I was soon beginning to enjoy the experience. Then bad luck struck again and a metal pipe sheered from the heater matrix. This was no simple fix,located as they are behind the bulkhead. With no garage to work in and little experience it was clear I was going to have to get the professionals to fid this. I was quoted 32 hours labour!.., If that was not enough I found myself on short time at Vauxhall, so I decided to sell. It was a short 12. Month relationship but still have one memories....

Joseph (not verified)    December 15, 2014 - 10:15AM

Ron, Great story, thanks for sharing........seems most owners will say they loved the car and are fond of the memories either good or bad!

robin moorshead (not verified)    December 15, 2014 - 2:56PM

In 1969 I was in my first year as a teacher. The uncle of a fellow teacher had a connection to a large car dealership and he arranged for me to buy any of the poor quality part exchanges that they wanted to get rid of, which I patched up and sold on. One day to my amazement they offered me an 1966 ex-police S-type Jaguar for £160. It had a hole in the roof and wiring hanging out of the dash board but it had a brand new engine and went very fast indeed. I didn't keep very long but, we had great fun driving along the Epping New Road flashing at speeding cars who thought it was a police car and they pulled over as we shot passed them. Since then I have had five other Jaguars and at present have a replica SS 100

Joseph (not verified)    December 15, 2014 - 6:40PM that's cool. My grandfather had a car stolen and used in a bank robbery one time......after that, we always called it the getaway car!! I think it was a 1968 Chrysler New Yorker and I loved riding in it with him to the store!