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With 410 HP This Challenger is the Loudest in the Montgomery IL Area

Don may have promised his wife Susie, that he would not put money into modifying their 2010 Dodge Challenger R/T, but since then the husband and wife have both made the car their ongoing family project.

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Don and Susie Hohn live in Montgomery, Illinois, a small suburb outside of Chicago. Don is a veteran. He served in the United States Army and completed a tour of duty in the Desert Storm war. He is now an IT professional for a military aviation company in Illinois. Susie owns a real estate appraisal firm. Their gorgeous 2010 Dodge Challenger R/T caught our eye, and they were kind enough to tell us more about it for our Readers’ Rides!

The car is unique, they tell us, because even tho’ there are a few in their area, “None seem to be as loud as ours! We have it up to 410 horse power now. We get stopped and ‘chatted up’ a lot. Oddly, we have even been stopped by people to take pictures of the car because they love it so much.” But, more than unique, they told us that it has a special legacy in Don’s heart.

“Don’s dad, Don Sr., was tragically killed when he was only 7 years old. He was told his dad had a Challenger in the 70’s, and it was very important to him. Don had always wanted a Challenger of his own, and had always loved those cars, but never knew until he was an adult that his dad owned one. On the same line, Susie’s grandmother, who she had a special bond with, passed away in 2009. We named the car Ellie, after Susie’s grandmother, Elsie.”

Susie's Dodge Challenger 2010 Front View

Don and Susie purchased the car brand new in 2010, and tell us they have made the following modifications:

  • Stainless Works brand Long tube headers
  • Stainless Works brand High Flow Cats
  • Corso Extreme, Cat Back Exhaust
  • Cold Air Intake
  • Dyno Tune
  • Painted red calipers with hi temp Challenger stickers on caliper
  • Multi Color AACStyle Halos on all lights including foglights
  • Tinted Windows
  • Stainless Steel door sill, imprint of “Challenger”
  • Billet Technologies, Catch Can; Billet Technologies engine compartment “dress up kit” in red
  • Billet Technologies, Anodized Aluminum and red Hemi Shifter
  • Red Hood to Fender Stripe with “R/T” emblem
  • Interior custom embroidered “R/T” headrests
  • Upgraded all speakers to Infiniti Kappa Series
  • Changed out map lights, trunk lights to red, added red LED bars under the seats and front/passenger floor boards, and to the trunk above the custom fiberglass subwoofer speaker box.
  • Changed out all interior lighting in terms of window button/door lock lights, radio button lights, heating button lights, etc. to red instead of the stock green it comes with.

2010 Dodge Challenger RT Interior

Wow, Don & Susie, you guys have been busy—especially considering the promise Don made before purchasing the car:

“Don had wanted this car for a long time, but we were always practical and bought family cars. Susie was not very into cars at the time. She agreed to buy the car, but actually made him promise to not require they drop money into it for upgrades, etc. LOL! It didn’t take very long AT ALL for Susie to jump on the bandwagon and start wanted to mod the car. Now, once something is done, she’s onto the next thing she wants for it!”

2010 Dodge Challenger RT

Now, the car is a team project for the Hohns, who tell us they still have more to do:

“Absolutely CANNOT WAIT for the next set of mods! Wanting red/black seat covers, black and red rims, and would love a cam and blower. Wish we could do it all at once!”

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