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Ryan Tuerck's Toyota Formula Supra Puts The Lexus LFA To Shame

You think the Lexus LFA sounds great? Take a look at what makes this Toyota Supra drift missile even more bonkers.

If you follow what goes on in the Formula Drift scene, you have probably heard of a guy named Ryen Tuerck. He started in his teens, racing in the AMA motocross series, but eventually transitioned to four wheels, participating in various series, including Formula Drift.

He quickly became known for driving Toyota models with unusual engine swaps. Those include the Toyota GT4586, which features a flat-plane V-8 from a Ferrari 458 Italia, and a BMW B58-swapped Toyota GR Corolla.  

The cherry on top, however, has to be Ryan Tuerck's Toyota GR Supra, which no longer features the B58 inline-six, but rather a racing V-10 engine that easily rivals the sound of the Lexus LFA, which will soon be succeeded by a PHEV V-8 model.

Almost nothing is left from the base car 

Ryan Tuerck's Formula Supra ditches the B58 for a Formula 1 V-10

The Formula Supra project started with a white, 2020 Toyota GR Supra. Ryan Tuerck's team stripped the whole car to a bare shell before receiving upgraded hardware, including chassis strengthening, new subframes, differential, transmission, and of course, the engine, just to name a few. The Formula Supra was also put on a diet, resulting in a weight of 2,500 pounds - 873 pounds less than the stock GR Supra. The build itself is quite versatile and it's meant for drifting, time-attack, and hillclimb races.

The B58 engine is a stout unit and in the GR Supra, it's rated at 382 horsepower and 368 pound-feet. Dyno tests have revealed those figures to be understated, and extra power is easily accessible with only basic mods. True to his character, this wasn't enough for Tuerck, so he went with a much more radical powerplant.  

Formula 1 power for the Formula Supra 

The JUDD GV4 V-10 powering Ryan Tuerck's Formula Supra

By now, it's no secret that Ryan Tuerck's Toyota Supra features a JUDD GV4 V-10 engine. The 4.0-liter, naturally-aspirated unit was a standard feature in BOSS GP cars, which is, essentially, a premier F1 league. In fact, in 2010, all BOSS GP races were won by cars featuring this powerplant.

The engine is capable of 11,000 RPM, at which point it develops 730 horsepower. The engine also weighs just under 320 pounds (145 kg), which is only slightly more than the stock B58's 306 pounds (139 kg). The engine is also mated to a six-speed sequential transmission. Needless to say, power goes to the rear wheels. 

The JUDD GV4 engine and its unique soundtrack 

Ryan Tuerck's Toyota Formula Supra revving to 11,000 RPM around the racerack

Ryan Tuerck's Formula Supra uses a newer development, displacing exactly 4,000 cc. The older variant of this engine displaced 3.5 liters and depending on whether it had a 48mm restrictor on, it developed either 600+ horsepower at 10,250 RPM or 700+ horsepower at 10,500 RPM, with peak torque reaching 350 to 375 pound-feet at 8,500 RPM.  

The JUDD GV4 engine in Ryan Tuerck's Toyota Supra sounds insane even while idling at 2,000 RPM. The engine note was further enhanced through side exhausts, on both sides of the Japanese drift car. 

The price and availability of the JUDD V-10 engine 

JUDD, also known as Judd Honda has been in the business of making racing engines since 1986. The company's GV4 V-10 engine is not new, having debuted in 1999. Sadly, the engine is no longer available, but JUDD continues supporting its platforms. The engine in Ryan Tuerck's Supra, reportedly, costs around $60,000. The only engine the company still offers at the moment is the JUDD 4.2 V-10, which also utilizes the familiar, 72-degree architecture from previous engines. 

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Image source: Ryan Tuerck's Formula Supra on track