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Watch Santa’s Ferrari-Powered Toyota 86 Sleigh Smoke the Tires [Video]

Check out Santa’s Toyota 86 Sleigh powered by a Ferrari V8. Watch it smoke the tires.

Back in July, we brought you Ryan Tuerck’s Toyota 86 Ferrari V8 build. Well, he just got it finished in time for Santa to take a ride. Tuerck stuffed a Ferrari 458 engine into a Toyota 86 sports coupe turning it into a JDM Supercar. Ryan has plenty of experience in a Scion FR-S he competes with in the U.S. Formula Drift series. Now he’s turned the Subaru/Toyota creation into a JDM+Italian Supercar.

The Gumout 4586 isn’t a competition car, so it doesn't need to conform to any specific rules; hence, he made a lot of modifications to the chassis to handle all the power from the Ferrari F136 4.5-liter mill.

The radiator and cooling system were mounted out back on the Gumout 4586, and extra fans were installed to keep the tight-fitting engine from overheating. The Ferrari V8 in its stock form pumps out 597 hp in Ferrari's latest 458 Special. It’s not hard to burn the rubber off the tires. Watch all that power in the Toyota 86 with Tuerck and Santa smoking the tires off the two-door coupe in the video below.

Watch Santa Sleighs It : Ferrari Powered Toyota Santa Sled #GT4586 video.

Photo credit: Donut Media