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Watch What Happens When You Stuff a Ferrari V8 into a Toyota 86? Part II

We showed you a teaser of Drifting pro, Ryan Tuerck, stuffing a Ferrari 458 V8 into a Toyota 86 coupe. What happens next?

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We brought you the first teaser video a few weeks ago on the Toyota 86 Ferrari V8 build. What happens next? Ryan Tuerck is stuffing a Ferrari engine into a Toyota 86 sports coupe turning it into a JDM Supercar. Here’s an update on the progress of the build. Ryan gives a first look at his Gumout 4586 in the video below.

In Part II, Ryan talks about the safety roll cage getting installed and the engine being finished on the extreme project. Next comes the air intake as he explains how the induction system works on this Toyota 86 Supercar. The exhaust system will be one of the biggest challenges with the custom headers that are coming directly from Ferrari.

Rules won’t apply to this extreme build

Since The Gumout 4586 won't be a competition car, it doesn't need to conform to any specific rules; hence, he can do a lot more with the chassis. It will be stiffened to handle all the power from the Ferrari F136 4.5-liter mill. The radiator and cooling system will be mounted out back on the Gumout 4586. Extra fans will be installed to keep the tight-fitting engine from overheating. The Ferrari V8 in its stock form pumps out 597 hp in Ferrari's latest 458 Special. We can just imagine how this 86 will scream.

The team has an October deadline to finish the Toyota 86 coupe so more updates will be coming soon. We’ll keep following this cool build as Ryan Tuerck stuffs a Ferrari 458 engine into a Toyota 86 sports coupe turning it into a JDM Supercar.

Watch Ryan Tuerck’s JDM Supercar: The Gumout 4586 First Look video

Source: Donut Media

Image source: Donut Media

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