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Ranking The Most Fuel-efficient Toyota SUVs You Can Buy In 2024

Most of these Toyota SUV models easily get over 20 MPG combined with some even going in the 40s․

Toyota's recent focus on hybrid powertrains has given us some interesting engine options even in large SUV models like the 2024 Land Cruiser.

While not everyone is a fan of Toyota's extended use of four-cylinder hybrid powertrains in SUV models, they result in some versatile models that are also easy on fuel. That said, I decided to rank all-new Toyota SUV models, currently on sale, in terms of fuel economy. To no surprise, many of the models mentioned below are hybrids.

Toyota Corolla Cross

Toyota Corolla Cross rear 3/4 view
Calling the Corolla Cross may be a bit of a stretch according to some, but the compact, Corolla-based SUV is a jack of all trades, as long as you don't take it for serious off-roading. Toyota Corolla Cross features an FHEV setup. It revolves around a 2.0-liter, Atkinson-cycle four-cylinder, combined with two electric motors.

One electric motor is under the rear seats while the other is integrated into the e-CVT transmission. BEVs favor city driving and the Corolla Cross is capable of 486 miles of range. With mixed driving, the range drops down to 409 miles.

Toyota Corolla Cross Performance Specifications


  • Engine: 2.0-liter, naturally-aspirated four-cylinder with two electric motors
  • Output: 197 horsepower (combined), 140 pound-feet (engine), 152 and 62 pound-feet (electric motors)
  • Fuel economy (EPA): 42 MPG combined, 45 MPG city, 38 MPG highway
  • 0-60 MPH: 7.2 seconds

Toyota RAV4 Prime 

Toyota RAV4 Prime fornt 3/4 view
Toyota RAV4 Prime is, not just the most powerful and quickest version of the Japanese SUV, but also the most fuel-efficient. The RAV4 Prime has a PHEV setup, featuring an Atkinson-cycle inline-four and two electric motors.

This allows the Toyota SUV to drive up to 47 miles on electricity alone. The 2025 Toyota RAV4 Prime is expected to feature a beefed-up variant of the same setup

Toyota RAV4 Prime Performance Specifications


  • Engine: 2.5-liter, naturally-aspirated four-cylinder with two electric motors
  • Output: 306 horsepower (combined), 140 pound-feet (engine), 199 and 89 pound-feet (electric motors)
  • Fuel economy (EPA): 39 MPG combined, 41 MPG city, 38 MPG highway
  • 0-60 MPH: 5.7 seconds

Toyota Highlander Hybrid

Toyota Highlander front 3/4 viewToyota Highlander is currently in the sweet spot for Toyota SUVs. It's bigger than the RAV4, but smaller than the Grand Highlander, Land Cruiser, and 4Runner.

The most efficient way to get the Highlander is to go for the base hybrid engine and two-wheel-drive variant, although opting for the AWD model only sacrifices 1 MPG. Unlike the RAV4, here we have only one electric motor and features a FHEV setup.

Toyota Highlander Performance Specifications

  • Engine: 2.5-liter, naturally-aspirated four-cylinder with two electric motors
  • Output: 243 horsepower (combined), 175 pound-feet (engine), 199 pound-feet (e-motor)
  • Fuel economy (EPA): 36/35 MPG combined, 36/35 MPG city, 35 MPG highway
  • 0-60 MPH: N/A

Toyota Grand Highlander

Toyota Grand Highlander front 3/4 view on a sunset
The Toyota Grand Highlander is 6.5 inches longer and 2.3 inches wider than the Highlander, but carries over the same powertrains. Again, the most fuel-efficient model is the base, 2.5-liter FHEV variant. Despite the extra size, fuel economy is only slightly worse than the regular Toyota Highlander.

Toyota Grand Highlander Performance Specifications


  • Engine: 2.5-liter, naturally-aspirated four-cylinder with two electric motors
  • Output: 243 horsepower (combined), 175 pound-feet (engine), 199 pound-feet (e-motor)
  • Fuel economy (EPA): 36/34 MPG combined, 37/36 MPG city, 34/32 MPG highway
  • 0-60 MPH: N/A

Toyota Land Cruiser 

Toyota Land Cruiser J250
One of the more ground-breaking Toyota SUV models of late is, without a doubt, the J250 Land Cruiser. With a neo-retro design and modern, hybrid powertrain, the 2024 Land Cruiser bridges old and new. Every Land Cruiser model has had a more luxurious equivalent by Lexus, and this is no exception.

However, Toyota Land Cruiser J250 and Lexus GX differ in some substantial ways, one of them being the powertrain. The i-Force Max FHEV setup only has four cylinders, but provides ample performance. In this case, the single electric motor provides just 48 horsepower.

Toyota Land Cruiser J250 Performance Specs


  • Engine: 2.4-liter, turbocharged four-cylinder with e-motor
  • Output: 326 horsepower (combined), 464 pound-feet
  • Fuel economy (EPA): 23 MPG combined, 22 MPG city, 25 MPG highway
  • 0-60 MPH: 6.5 seconds

Toyota Sequoia

Toyota Sequoia front 3/4 view
The third-generation Toyota Sequoia ditched the much-loved V-8 engine, for a twin-turbo V-6 hybrid. On the plus side, the new FHEV setup granted Toyota's full-size SUV substantial improvements in fuel economy. Like in other SUV models, the Sequoia gets slightly better mileage in two-wheel-drive form, but I recommend going for the 4WD model anyway.

Toyota Sequoia Performance Specs

  • Engine: 3.4-liter, twin-turbocharged V-6 with e-motor
  • Output: 437 horsepower (combined), 582 pound-feet plus 49 horsepower and 184 pound-feet from the e-motor
  • Fuel economy (EPA): 22/20 MPG combined, 21/19 MPG city, 24/22 MPG highway
  • 0-60 MPH: 5.5 seconds

Toyota 4Runner

Toyota 4Runner off-roading front 3/4 viewThe 2025 Toyota 4Runner is finally here with much-needed enhancements, but in 2024, you can still buy the fifth-generation Toyota 4Runner, which has been around since 2009. Needless to say, there is a reason it sits at the bottom of the list. 4Runenr enthusiasts love the SUV for its simplicity and ruggedness, but that same simplicity means it is the least fuel-efficient Toyota SUV on the list. No hybrid powertrains here, just a permanent 4WD system (unless you get the 2WD) and a proven, naturally aspirated, V-6 engine.

Toyota 4Runner Performance Specifications


  • Engine: 4.0-liter, 1GR-FE, naturally-aspirated V-6
  • Output: 270 horsepower, 278 pound-feet
  • Fuel economy (EPA): 17 MPG combined, 16 MPG city, 19 MPG highway
  • 0-60 MPH: 7.5 seconds

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