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Porsche US Dealers Are, Apparently, Implementing Ferrari Sales Model For The Hybrid 911

The seemingly eternal breath-holding is now over. The first-ever, hybrid 911 is here, but prospective buyers in the US are not happy with the dealership practices.

We knew a hybrid Porsche 911 was going to happen eventually. We have been hearing about it for a few years and now it's here. I stumbled upon a Reddit discussion about the new Porsche 992.2 Carrera GTS hybrid, and some users, many of which 911 owners, shared their concerns about not being able to order one.

According to this discussion, some US dealerships are attempting to implement a sales model similar to what Ferrari does with some of its highly-exclusive models. The latest example is LaFerrari, which requires you to have five other Ferraris in order to be eligible to buy one.  

Porsche isn't known for such practices, even with its limited-production, 911 variants, and while people in Europe say they can freely order one, here's what some Reddit users say: 

Alarming_Witness4064 said: “They won’t even let you order one until you buy a used one from them, and then be financed by Porsche. Then, they will hear you, but for like a GTS if they sell you a Carrera s 992 used, let’s say”. 

Tkhan456 said: “Local dealer gave an allocation if you leased a Taycan"... 

To which Chun—Chun2 added: “This must be some USA bull.... In Europe you can straight up order it, no allocation”. 

911 enthusiasts rejoice as the first hybrid Porsche 911 brings a bigger engine and a mild-hybrid powertrain

Before the debut of the first Porsche 911 hybrid, people on the Porsche forum had a lot to say. Some of it was negative, some was positive, but even now that we know what the 911 T-Hybrid is, people continue to be skeptical of the combustion-powered 911's future.  

GentianGT4 says: “Anyone excited about this better be lined up when the only option is a fully EV 911. This is just the stepping stone and it blows my mind to see people applaud the death of the sports car". 

Whether it's the last Porsche 911 to feature an internal combustion engine or not, remains to be seen. From what Porsche has said so far, it probably won't be. That said, Porsche did something unexpected. Many believed the hybrid 911's powertrain would revolve around the familiar 3.0-liter, twin-turbo flat-six, but now, we have a bigger, 3.6-liter engine.

The new flat-six, alone, produces 478 horsepower and 420 pound-feet, but with the traction motor, integrated into the PDK housing, total output becomes 532 horsepower and 449 pound-feet. Technically, the electric motor adds 110 pound-feet, but the peak torque values of the ICE and e-motor are delivered at different engine speeds.

Sadly for many, a hybrid 911 means that the manual transmission won't be available for the GTS hybrid, and many 911 enthusiasts are still looking for that mechanical connection, despite the PDK being a brilliant transmission.  

Pulpoinhell said: “The only thing I am disappointed by today is that there will be no manual transmission models available at launch. Sad". 

Another Reddit user, PM_ME_HOUSE_MUSIC_, who owns a 997 GT3, said: “I'm willing to wager other trim models that will be released later will keep the manual alive, but I agree it’s a sad day in the enthusiast world". 

Not all is lost though. For 2025, we may not get a manual 911, but Porsche assures us, it hasn't ruled out the manual transmission just yet. We will have to wait and see what the future brings. What are your thoughts on the Porsche 911 hybrid now that it's finally out? Feel free to comment below. 

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Image sources: 2025 Porsche 911 hybrid test mules, Porsche 911 T-Hybrid