Your 2022 Toyota RAV4’s Towing Capabilities Are Better Than You Think
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Your 2022 Toyota RAV4’s Towing Capabilities Are Better Than You Think

Are you worried your 2022 Toyota RAV4 can’t tow a simple short bed? Think again as this Facebook post proves it wrong.

In the 1940s pickup trucks were solely designed as work vehicles and not for recreational or everyday driving. However, as the ’50s ’60s, and ’70s came, people, started to see the practicality of having a truck. Soon, SUVs started to take over in the 90s and they were seen as a great towing alternative.

As the SUV market exploded in the mid-2000s and people started to see the practicality of a versatile SUV, they thought about using it for the occasional hauling. Let’s say your buddy Ed needs to move his couch. Your 2022 Toyota RAV4 has a tow hitch but, are you really going to risk your suspension on a little SUV for a trailer? Well, this question came up on the Toyota RAV4 Owner’s Facebook group.

Discussing the 2022 RAV4's towing capacity Dalexa Rodriguez asked, “Could I pull a small trailer with a 2022XLE premium hybrid?” So, the 2022 Toyota RAV4 hybrid is meant to serve as a family SUV to get you from point A to B without using a ton of gas. However, the 2022 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid also can come with a tow hitch which means that now, not only can you get yourself from A to B, but you can also take your stuff too. Let’s take a look at what some of the owners said about their towing experience.

Your 2022 Toyota RAV4’s Towing Capabilities Are Better Than You Think

Micheal Carbery, a group member, writes, “Watch tongue weight closely. I snapped my AWD mount pulling a trailer.” So, a good rule of thumb when towing something is to make sure your weight is not close to the end or close to the tongue (where the trailer connects to the car). Unless it’s a heavy-duty trailer hitch, it’s a good idea to put it near the axle.

Another group members, Umat Arat, wrote, “if I was able to pull my grandpa's Volvo S80(which is almost 4000 lbs.) with 03 RAV4 no issue about 60 miles. you can do it too .” So, the thing with towing is that once you hook up a trailer, you need to be careful how you drive. If I step on the gas and floor it, my axle and subframe will likely break like a pretzel.

You see, it's key to read the Owner's Manual of your RAV4. Stephen Rinker, another group member, says, “Yes just read the owner’s manual to find a max weight for the car to pull. Also include the weight of hitch, trailer, and people.” Towing a trailer takes some skill and if you are overweight, it could affect the gas mileage, the trailer’s wear and tear, and even how you perform on a highway. The heavier you are the harder it is to turn or to accelerate.

So, can your 2022 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid tow a simple flatbed? Sure. Just make sure you are not overweight, your weight isn’t on the tongue, and you aren’t too heavy inside the car. Other than that, tow away.

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What do you think? Would you feel comfortable towing something in a 2022 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid? Let us know in the comments below.

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