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This Tailgate Assist Is A Must Have For Your Daily Toyota Tundra Truck Needs

Did you just buy a 2022 Toyota Tundra? If so, this small, cheap, and helpful mod which can come from factory can help you give your tailgate that SUV experience.


Owning a pickup truck is a very cool experience. Sitting high off the ground, having all that cargo space, being patriotic to an extent, all of these make driving a pickup that much more interesting. And what other good pickup to drive than the 2022 Toyota Tundra. If you own a 2022 Toyota Tundra, then you know that they drive like a Cadillac. Some forum writers even call it the Cadillac Tundra because of its ride.

In a conventional regular SUV or full-sized sedan, a tailgate assist is something that doesn’t allow your trunk to slam down when you close it. It also helps you so that you don’t have to hold it up when you open it. If you have an SUV in which the trunk opens to the side, then you wouldn’t really need any sort of assist.

First Time 2022 Toyota Tundra Owner This Tailgate Assist Is A Must Have For Your Daily Truck Needs

On newer trucks, a tailgate assist can be something like 2 small shocks to help you softly open the gate or even one of those steel braided ropes which connect to the edge of the bed. These are very helpful because it ensures that the bed doesn’t move around or that it doesn’t slam when you open it. Maybe your kid is playing with it and accidentally drops it. A tailgate assist would not let that happen.

Owners on Facebook’s Toyota Tundra Nation group shared that they prefer to have that tailgate assist installed when they bought one because for first time truck owners, it was kind of like training wheels so that they wouldn’t slam the tailgate when opening.

Andrew Fisher asked if a tailgate assist was worth it, and the comments were flooded with “yes.” Now, you can opt for the option to get a tailgate assist from Toyota themselves however an aftermarket system won’t run you that deep. I would suggest not going cheap considering that if it fails, your tailgate could fall and cause damages.

In other words, if you are having second thoughts on a tailgate assist, especially if you are a first-time pickup owner, you would be better off with one anyway. Just imagine how helpful it would be if you didn’t have to hold the tailgate while you were opening it. What if your hands were full?

What do you think? Would you get a tailgate assist? Let us know in the comments below.

Harutiun Hareyan is reporting Toyota news at Torque News. His automotive interests and vast experience test-riding new cars give his stories a sense of authenticity and unique insights. Follow Harutiun on Twitter at @HareyanHarutiun for daily Toyota news.